October 4, 2023

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Pantheon: They were first introduced and Twitter deified Emilios Chilakis

Pantheon: They were first introduced and Twitter deified Emilios Chilakis

the “Gods» It premiered and the first public comments were particularly positive. SKAI’s new series impressed the audience from the first minutes, who spoke of it as the most “perfect” production yet.

Comments on Twitter followed one another, with fans praising the cast’s direction and performances.

He was among those who stood out Emilios ChilakisMost of the tweets talk not only about his role, but also about his voice. The actor, who was especially loved by the audience in the role of Akela in the movie “Wild Bees”, now plays the role of the good doctor Andreas Pantheus.

The series is based on the award-winning book of the same name by Tassos Athanasiadis, while directed by Spyros Michalopoulos.

Check out some tweets:

A few words about the role of Emilios Chilakis
A doctor who conflicts with his family and marries a much younger woman named Marmo. One of the sons of the patriarch of the family, Vlassis Pantheus. Distinguished doctor and clinic manager. A serious, intelligent, educated and sworn bachelor until he meets Marmo. Then everything will change!

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“People see in me a charming and helpful character. A happy life, with many conquests in the past. I would say I am a sworn old man, until I unexpectedly meet Marmo. I will fall madly in love with her and my life will be up and down. I will clash with my father and all my family, but Despite their objection, I will marry her. When I discover that she is cheating on me with my beloved nephew, Ketsu, I will silently and with dignity bear my humiliation and personal torment. I am loyal to Marmo with all my heart, and I will always find the mental strength to remain gracious and generous even in the most difficult moments of our relationship.”