December 6, 2023

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PAOK – Panathinaikos 64-77: Rented and three points sent it to the final (videos)

PAOK – Panathinaikos 64-77: Rented and three points sent it to the final (videos)

Panathinaikos, which changed its face in the second half and faced Lesur and Gay in an excellent attacking night, defeated PAOK 77-64 and secured a ticket to qualify for the Super Cup final, where it will win the title against Olympiacos (30/9, 20:30).

Mission to Rhodes: Giorgos Kouvaris

As it turned out, it was just a matter of time for him Panathinaikos To “clean up” the semi-finals Super Cup.

Although the performance of most players in the first half moved to average levels, with the exception of… Mathias the lessorThen the “Greens” stepped on the gas and made sure to “clean” with the assumption of victory and qualification to the final. the PAOK It was very competitive in the first half but when… Kyle Jay, Luca Veldosa The difference reached +23 points.

The three-point “execution” outside of 6.75 was what made the difference in the semi-final to give his team the lead Ataman The safety “cushion” he was looking for to finally open up the course and give him playing time. Although he eventually recruited the “Five” again. This is because he will have many complaints about Second Unit’s bad reaction after opening the dispute.

Match: PAOK – Panathinaikos

On the one hand, Panathinaikos He demonstrated his attacks through constant pick-and-rolls and partnerships Kostas Sloukas by matthias renter, Who was also the main exponent of the aggressive actions of the “Greens”. On the other side, PAOK He made the most of his sport Jamani Macniswho did whatever he wanted with his racket Panathenaiko. … The wonderful spikes gave and took as the French midfielder for the “Greens” was excellent in attack, but faced many problems defensively. However, his team Ergin Ataman He controlled the match and advanced strongly until the end of the first quarter (18-22).

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the slokas He managed to distribute six out of eight assists for the “Greens” while in total he was o Panathinaikos He didn’t do anything wrong. He had 5/11 two-pointers and 3/6 three-pointers, while O.J PAOK After passing the ball to the “drawing board” and especially to MacNix I counted 8/12 points! Of course, the continuity was not at the same level, as the “two heads” increased the pressure vertically on the defense and did not leave its players Panathenaiko To take a break and as a result most plays “spoil” them. Somehow they managed to turn the game around and took a 26-25 lead in the 16th minute Mathias the lessor They started getting balls and drove them to the charity line several times, finishing the half (33-38) with 15 points (5/7 rps, 5/6 pts), 4 rebounds and 1 block.

In special mode with 3.9 inches for the break Ataman Use five with…short five (Veldoza, Grant, Sluka, Jay, Grigonis) and found a three-pointer by hand Kyle Guy (8 points in the first half, 1/1 2-pointer, 2/4 3-pointer) for 33-38. In the first half of the match, the “Greens” made 8/17 two-pointers, 4/10 three-pointers, 10/16 shots, 13-5 rebounds, 9 assists (including only one in the second period), 3 blocks and 4 mistakes. Accordingly, PAOK had 12/25 two-pointers, 0/6 three-pointers, 9/14 shots, 13-8 rebounds, 5 assists and 7 fouls.

In the second half S Panathinaikos He started off with a quick 5-0 run that was basically…8-0 if you count his hat trick Kyle Guy At the end of the first half, he led for the first time in the match by 10 points (33-43 in the 22nd minute). But their three points Margaret And Harrison They helped him PAOK To return to the match and not allow the “Greens” to open the gap further by reducing it to 43-46 in the 25th minute. But first slokas And man and then luca vildosa, They raised the score index to +20 (45-65) at the end of the third quarter. period where Panathinaikos He was 5/7 from three and scored 27 points for just 12 points PAOK.

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Since then, the match has become a formality. the Panathinaikos Initially leading by +23 points (45-68) with the countdown to the end of the match and the final on Saturday (30/9, 20:30) against Olympiacos. the Bulldozer He stepped up in the second half and was actually the one who gave the free kick PAOK To open the registration. Although in the last round of the match, the “two heads” benefited from relaxation and conserving forces, reducing the gap to 62-74. In his wonderful game and his many blocks Costa Antetokounmpo Who has lifted the stage several times.

Where the match was referenced: In the third half, in singles, 27-12, Panathinaikos achieved the result of raising the difference to 20 points (45-65) and “cleaning” permanently, assuming victory.

The best ever: It was Mathias Lesueur who made the difference in the semi-final with his semi-final finish Super Cup Earned 20 points on 6/11 2-pointers, 8/10 shooting, 7 rebounds, 1 block, 1 steal and only 1 foul in 23 minutes.

They expected more: Skylar Flatern did not meet the requirements for the match, as he remained at “0” during the 22 minutes used, with 0/3 three-pointers.

Rivals in victory: Kyle Guy (14pm) and Luca Vildosa (11pm) gave the signal from outside 6.75 metres, and together they scored 7/9 three-pointers!

Match statistics: The 10 missed shots for Panathinaikos, the high percentage of three-pointers with 10/21 and the respectively low percentage of three-pointers for PAOK with 3/23 and only 13%.

Their next duty: Panathinaikos will win its title Super Cup In the grand final on Saturday (9/30, 8:30pm) against Olympiacos, while PAOK will face Peristeri in the unofficial minor final. Bowen (9/30, 17:00).

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Quarters: 18-22, 33-38, 45-65, 64-77.