May 22, 2024

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Papastergiou: Digital simplification of citizens' daily lives – that is, certificates will be canceled as of next month

Papastergiou: Digital simplification of citizens' daily lives – that is, certificates will be canceled as of next month

In 2024 It will be a year to further simplify proceduresRelated to serving citizens and companies in their dealings with the state, was the message he sent Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou To journalists from Barcelona, ​​on the occasion of our country’s participation in a national pavilion in the largest exhibition of digital technologies in the world, the Mobile World Congress. Mr. Papastergiou briefly referred to the immediate plans to achieve the goal of simplifying the daily life of citizens.

What certificates have been revoked?

As he said, Next month, amendments will be introduced to abolish citizens' submission of basic certificates – such as birth certificates, marital status and next of kin – to public services, which will now obtain them digitally themselves, with simple approval from the government. Interested parties. The state will be given a period of three months to prepare in this direction.

Regarding the establishment of the personal number, through which citizens will be identified in the provision of services by public bodies and the broader public sector, he stressed that the matter is progressing quickly, as it has also obtained the approval of the Personal Data Protection Authority and has been completed.

The personal number, as the Minister mentioned, will unify and correct various spelling errors and will be our passport for any procedure in the Greek state.

In response to relevant questions, Mr. Papastergiou emphasized the great progress our country has made in the field of digitalization of the state and the necessary infrastructure to attract investments. But he stressed the need to speed up the issues with a focus on increasing broadband speeds.

the The minister said there should be binding timetables from telecom operators Regarding service providers regarding the expansion of fiber to the home (FTTH) networks in an effort to speed up the process of upgrading fixed broadband speeds.

For its part, the Ministry said that Mr. Papastergiou will pledge to move forward with moves to boost demand, such as smart readiness measures, which relate to supporting building preparation works related to the installation of FTTH infrastructure.

For smart preparation

Mr. Papastergiou stated that the immediate plans are Simplify the smart standby process. Referring specifically to the Gigabit Voucher procedure regarding support for access to communications with data download speeds exceeding 250 Mbps, the Minister of Digital Governance stated that the amount of funds allocated to the Gigabit Voucher will be determined within the next few days, indicating an amount of 80 million euros, of which 28 million euros. It will come from the recovery fund.

the A specific action will be triggered in the following actions Months after identifying beneficiaries. Money from the Recovery Fund will be used to support high-speed communications for those also participating in Smart Readiness.

Mr. Papastergiou noted that even in the exhibition pavilions there are references to symbolic digitization projects such as IDIKA projects.

Regarding Greece's participation in the Mobile World Congress, he expressed his satisfaction with its developed presence, noting that extroversion is an important factor in Greece's digital economy. He added that the large participation of companies and organizations is a positive message.