April 24, 2024

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POS cash register interface accessory

POS cash register interface accessory
The following statement was issued by the press office of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance:

The extension was extended for 1+1 by the leadership of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance and AADE, in order to complete the large project to connect points of sale with cash registers without technical problems. This decision was made taking into account the demands of the market of POS and cash register providers themselves and the companies to be able to adapt to the requirements of a complex and multi-level project. It is noteworthy that the progress of the project so far is very significant, as 85% of the point of sale and cash register systems have been updated, while deliveries have exceeded 60,000, with appointments scheduled in the next few days reaching 20,000.

Specifically, in order to complete the project without technical problems, An extension of one month is granted, i.e. until March 31, 2024, for those companies that have not yet connected their systems. During this time, cashiers must contact authorized cash register installers in order to complete the process.

It is noteworthy that this extension can be extended for an additional month, That is, until April 30, 2024:

a) For companies who were unable to find an available appointment during the month of March, But they have an appointment with the installer in April. Appointments must be announced on a special platform that will be operated by AADE The second is March 15.

B) For businesses that will announce at their point of sale register that they will replace their cash register system with one New comprehensive solutions are available, which do not require additional interface procedures. Two e-invoicing providers have already been approved to provide such solutions, and more are expected to offer them very soon.

To date, the progress in connecting POS with cash registers is very significant, as the following has been implemented:

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Over 85% of point of sale and cash register software has been upgraded. It is noteworthy that updating the systems is a prerequisite for completing the connection process.
• It has already happened More than 60,000 connections throughout Greece.
• Scheduled 20,000 appointments with installers Within the next few days to complete the connection process.
• It has been shipped 130,000 informational emails In businesses that have a cash register and have upgraded their POS. The messaging calls for businesses to link their POS directly to cash registers.
• In order to cover part of the purchasing costs and point of sale interface costs, The fourth financing round was opened last Monday Through the “Digital Transactions” program which also covers additional KAD, such as retail activities at kiosks, open markets, etc. However, you must confirm that you agree to receive the voucher no A condition for the obligor to continue connecting its systems. He should go to the interface immediately and when his voucher is approved he will be able to use it. It has been confirmed that since the first three funding cycles, the corresponding vouchers have been approved 121,138 companies to purchase/replace POS (18.1 million euros) and 169,837 companies To cover part of the cost of connecting points of sale to cash registers (€22.5 million).
Since September, 12 different legislative and regulatory processes have been completed From the Ministry of National Economy and Finance and AADE. At the same time, a special project management team is working daily to deal with any problems that arise, while fines are being imposed on those responsible (both companies, POS providers, cashiers and installation technicians) who do not work to complete the project within the timelines.
• A special website has been created https://www.aade.gr/diasyndesipos With information about the communication project, about financing, with communication guides according to the POS model, and a section where companies can check the communication readiness between their POS and their POS system.
• It has been clarified that all companies that fall under 35 retail branches are required to install POSThey have until today, February 29, to order the point of sale device and install it during the month of March. Then, officials must follow up on linking the point of sale with the cashier according to the tables mentioned above, which relate to all businesses.
• Especially the companies that use it Cash register with software system (ERP) They must follow Basic Interconnection Rule No. A.1155/2023 for their POS, it should be noted that they already have a deadline of May 31, 2024.
Along with the new interconnection schedule, it has been extended even April 30, 2024 The deadline for withdrawal of tax mechanisms (EAFDSS) by companies that use them.
• It has been clarified that the cash registers of establishments that are closed for any reason (such as seasonality) will be opened after the end of the above schedule (Which amounts to about 30,000) They will have to interact with their existing POS terminals from day one of resuming business.

Finally, on the part of the Ministry, it was confirmed that it was decided not to grant a longer extension for two reasons: FirstlyBecause in many cases it has been found that the first period of long overtime is not utilized as the rhythms relax. secondly, because almost all the groundwork (upgrades, etc.) has now been completed, and at the pace already achieved in the past few days, the project will be completed on schedule. And ThirdBecause linking points of sale with cash registers is included in the recovery fund, as a prominent project, which means that any delay in completing the project may lead to a partial interruption of the country’s funding from Brussels.

Minister of National Economy and Finance, Kostis Hatzidakis, said: “The major project to connect points of sale with cash registers is progressing at an intense pace. Thanks to the cooperation of the state, service providers and interconnection companies, an important part of the project has been completed. By maintaining the current pace, the project will be completed on time and the country's tax system will move into a new era. We are continuing to extend for 1+1 month in order to complete the project without technical problems. This is the final stage of a complex, multi-level reform, which in a few weeks from today will turn into a “rain or snow” reality! It is our Ministry's decision to complete this important reform on time».

Deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance, Haris Theocharis, said:With the latest extension, the Ministry is making two things clear: The first is that the government is showing as much understanding as possible, allowing additional time for the market to adapt to the new legislative framework. The second relates to the commitment to measuring the point of sale interface and cash register. We are granting the extension precisely because we are determined to follow state law to the letter. It is an extension, not a postponement and relaxation. Connecting cash registers and points of sale is a project of national importance that we must all commit to immediately. I advise everyone to activate it, because after the specified deadlines, they will only face penalties. We don't want to collect any fines so there shouldn't be any delays!».

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AADE Governor, Giorgos Pitselis, said: “We are in constant contact with market players involved in the project of connecting cash registers to points of sale. Given the progress of the project, which has now reached its final stage thanks to everyone's cooperation, we are giving everyone the opportunity to move forward with the required actions, more quickly, so that they are ready in time.».