May 22, 2024

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The scooter that goes to the countryside (video)

The scooter that goes to the countryside (video)

The world's first “double” vehicle is officially a reality and combines the beauty of a classic scooter with the advantages of a professional tricycle.

The Indian Champion's drive may be an almost unknown quantity in this corner of the world, but it actually is One of the world's largest two-wheeler manufacturers with annual sales of 5.7 million units.

Through its subsidiary Surge Automobiles, The Indian giant recently introduced the very interesting specifications of the Surge S32a professional tricycle based on the company's Advanced Scalable Electric Platform (AMSEP) that hides a ladder-type frame and is completely electric.

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What makes the Indian three-wheeler proposal interesting is The mini and electric scooter also “hides” in its standard configuration inside the driver's cabinwhich can accommodate two other people.

With the push of a button, the front of the cabin opens up. The scooter detaches from its base built into the platform After the rear wheel is deployed, it is ready for use again with the push of a button.

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According to Surge, the whole process takes about three minutes, and when the scooter is integrated into the S32, it acts as a steering wheel for the tricycle. Meanwhile, the front wheel and suspension with double shock absorbers, levers and brakes They are actively offering their services, as is the information panel on the steering wheel.

The scooter has its own electric motor Which produces a power of 8.15 horsepower and enables it to reach a speed of up to 60 km/hWhile the battery capacity is 3.87 kilowatt-hours.

As the original Surge model tricycle It uses a different electric motor located on the rear axle and produces 13.6 horsepoweras it is different and greater in capacity and The battery has a capacity of 11,616 kilowatt-hours. As a tricycle, the maximum speed of movement reaches 45 km/h, while being useful

Surge plans to make the S32 available in different configurations In order to cover as many professional needs as possible, in addition to the open camper, it will be available as a truck but also as a passenger tricycle.

currently It is not known when the S3 will enter mass productionWhile the rest of its features and technical specifications are still unknown, while its price has not been mentioned either.

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