July 23, 2024

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Paraskio – Kostis: The wedding of the year in Crete

Paraskio – Kostis: The wedding of the year in Crete

82-year-old Paraskio and 41-year-old Kostis from the village of Krotos in the municipality of Cortina, Crete, proved in a very deafening way on Sunday afternoon (10/9) that love is not what it seems. years. The couple ascended the steps of the church in the presence of their loved ones.

The two, as well as those who attended the wedding of the year in Crete, were ecstatic. The bride wore a simple wedding dress while the groom wore a white saree. As can be seen in the videos uploaded on social media, the couple’s best men were present.

@_manioudakiss_ #mpesfypgamw #fy #fypsi #fyp #Greece ♬ Mera Haras – Original TV Series “Chasmos” Soundtrack – Maria Sopanaki & Nikos Dersis

After the wedding, a grand reception is held for the couple to celebrate this special day with their loved ones. The couple entered the reception area with the song “Antichrist” by Glikaria and Kostas Makdonas. Then they cut the wedding cake and ate a spoon each. It is understood that at the reception they feasted with Cretan songs and dances.

@myrsini_pat #Camos_10/9/23 #Paraskiv_Kvastas💒 ♬ Original Sound – Chris

@_manioudakiss_ #mpesfypgamw #fy #fypsi #fyp #Greece ♬ Original Sound – Chris

@maria_vouchoura Entrance-first dance Kostis-Paraskios #Wedding #weddingtiktok #WeddingCreed #Costibaraschio #fy #fyp #Creed ♬ Original Sound – Maria Vuchura

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