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The captain and governor were imprisoned for Antonis’ murder

The captain and governor were imprisoned for Antonis’ murder

His pre-trial detention guru And his There are Blue Horizon for the murder of 36-year-old Antonis Kariotis in the port of Piraeus in the early hours of Monday morning. the inquirer And Solicitor After the hours-long amnesty of the four arrested in the case that shocked Greece.

Shocking video published by protothema.gr about the death of Antonis Karyotis

Rather, the investigator and prosecutor disagreed on pretrial detention. Lieutenant Commander And this Lastromo. So the court will take the final decision.

According to ERT, the inquirer He judged that these two members of his group Blue horizon Attica Group should be acquitted, the judge disagreed with the ruling.

Due to the delay in completing the process, Mr Prime Minister He had been hospitalized at Triazio Hospital with an ischemic episode, and the investigator had to go there to obtain his amnesty.

Master Note

Blue Horizon’s captain submitted a letter of apology to the investigator, in which he said on the one hand that he was devastated by the untimely death of 36-year-old Antonis, and on the other hand, that he had taken everything prescribed. Actions immediately after he was informed about the incident on the catapult, informing the port department and trusting his staff.

“I declare that I am devastated and shocked by the untimely death of our young colleague and feel the need to express my deepest condolences to the bereaved family from the bottom of my heart.

At 9.13 pm I was informed by stern and catapult officers that the vessel was anchored. I contacted the catapult officer again, and after assuring him that we were ready to go and that all was well, I characteristically replied, “Scatter master, captain we’re taking off,” and gave the command over vhf to raise the catapult.

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At about 9.14pm I heard my stern mate calling loudly over the VHF “Captain, Captain” and felt something unusual happening at the rear of the ship, without reflex I looked at the catapult display (Monitor 13). I could not see a man fall into the sea.

Having been involved in complex and loose ship departure procedures, I am obliged to watch the ship’s bow – and at the same time – coordinate the bridge crew. Highly experienced staff (hard, catapult, deck) will do what is internationally accepted in navigation and based on their training and experience, and efficient supervision will ensure that the Port Authority is committed. Interruption of traffic and general approach to and from the ship and until it was removed and for this reason no previous dispute between the catapult crew and the deceased came to my notice,” he notes in his apology note.

At the same time, he indicated that he had ordered the ship to slow down and then waited for instructions from the Coast Guard, while at the same time asking the authorities for an explanation of the tragic incident over the radio. He was not aware of it.

“I immediately instructed my lieutenant, Mr. D.M., to reduce engine speed and power to infinite rudder force (I will explain the reasons below) and immediately notify Piraeus Marine Traffic via vhf ch 13 and at the same time call A’ Port Department. Of the Piraeus Port Authority, As per the protocol of operation, it was done when I was on the phone with the department above. Honestly, I assure you, I didn’t know exactly what happened until that moment, in fact I was on vhf saying to the officers ‘Hey guys what’s going on…?’

After I had done the leg artis, i.e. informed my supervisor and superior, i.e. Piraeus Port Authority and Shipping Control Center, as per the protocol-memorandum, I awaited instructions and orders for my further conduct. Actions are dictated, according to which the operations center states the first and last within the port.

I note at this point (because much has been said about why I did not stop the engines immediately and why I did not stop the ship) that I instructed my subordinates to set a minimum rudder speed in the direction out of port. , otherwise the ship would be so unruly as to endanger the visible and certain lives of the large crew and hundreds of passengers on board the ship I commanded and the other ships in the port of Piraeus. With the jetty, or the docked ships, or the dock, for reasons unknown to me – until that moment – with the more valid and visible danger of crushing the person who found himself at sea.

Frankly, I was in a state of absolutely obvious need and sad moral dilemma, meanwhile seized by rapidly growing feelings of anxiety, stress and despair, and did what my intuition and experience told me at the time. Risk and harm to quality and quantity legal products for higher authorities.

At 21.42 pm, about 30′ hours, after my initial communication with the Shipping Control Center and the First Port Department, I received orders to stop the ship and await further instructions, which orders I promptly carried out. crew bridge and at about 22.01 hours, i.e. 45′ after my initial communication, I received a telephonic order from the Central Harbor Master to return the vessel to the Port of Phrae, which I promptly did”.

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The Governor took charge

For his part, the governor took responsibility for what happened in his pardon and led to the tragic death of 36-year-old Antonis.

In his apology, the governor said he took responsibility for what happened, according to APE-MPE, but did not accept the legality of the act as murder with possible intent.

“Step on the slingshot. He and I slipped away. He fell. “I wanted to go down to help, but the ship had already moved,” he said in his apology.

He also said that when he went back to get life-saving equipment, “the man was suffocated by the spinning.”

According to information from APE-MPE, the master was charged with dangerous interference with maritime traffic and was prosecuted for dangerous exposure.

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