May 22, 2024

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PAYDAY 3 FAILURE – Starbreeze CEO fired

PAYDAY 3 FAILURE – Starbreeze CEO fired

Almost all players have given up on it Payday 3, with only 100 to 300 people logged into the title per day at any one time, according to SteamDB data. When the game debuted 6 months ago, it managed to attract over 77,000 concurrent players on Steam, which makes this decline seem even more dramatic.

In fact, it seems that everyone in the passionate PAYDAY community has returned to the previous game, which had 85 times more players in the last 24 hours! Yes, you read that correctly. While PAYDAY 3 only had 378 concurrent players on Steam, PAYDAY 2 hosted 31,866!

The failure of the title appears to have cost Starbreeze dearly, as it fired its CEO due to the disappointing performance of PAYDAY 3. Specifically, in a note to investors, the company stressed that it needed different leadership after the PAYDAY 3 blunder.

The company has a clear strategy focused on creating engaging games for our own as well as licensed IPs. The Board's assessment is that implementing this strategy requires different leadership. J├╝rgen Goldner, who joins the Board of Directors from 2023 and has more than 40 years of experience in the industry, is a strong interim solution.

For your information, PAYDAY 3 debuted on September 21 last year, but players did not enjoy it for several months. The game has been experiencing major server issues for several weeks, with the first update arriving late and not resolving many issues.