May 18, 2024

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“Planet 9”: New evidence of the existence of a hidden planet in our solar system

“Planet 9”: New evidence of the existence of a hidden planet in our solar system

New evidence of a hidden existence planet In our solar system, scientists claim to have found.

For many years, some astronomers have argued that the unusual behavior of celestial bodies at the edge of our solar system could be best explained by the presence of another, undiscovered planet. This theory helps explain the orbits of objects located at this point, which are more than 250 times away from the Sun.

Now Konstantin Pugetin, the astronomer who helped save the theory, says he and his team have found more evidence that the planet exists, according to reports. independent. The new study is “the strongest statistical evidence to date that Planet 9 “It really exists,” he said.

Beyond Neptune

In the new study, scientists looked at a number of Post-Neptunian beings, as objects located at the edge of the solar system, beyond the planet Neptune, are called. Its movement becomes unstable because it interacts with Neptune's orbit. This instability means that they are difficult to understand, so astronomers studying the possible existence of Planet Nine usually avoid using them in their analyses.

But this time, researchers focused on these objects and tried to understand their movements. And, argued Dr. Pojetin, the best explanation is that they came from another, unexplored planet.

The team ran a series of simulations to understand how the orbits of these objects are affected by a variety of objects: the giant planets surrounding them, such as Neptune;

However, the best explanation came from a model that included Planet 9, Dr. Pogetin. There have been other explanations for the behavior of these objects — including the hypothesis that other planets once influenced their orbits but have since drifted apart — but they say the Planet 9 theory remains the best explanation.

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The new observatory he will “see.”

A better understanding of whether Planet 9 exists or not will come when it is activated Vera C. Rubin ObservatoryNotice. This is currently being built in Chile, and when operational will be able to scan the sky to understand the behavior of these distant objects.

“This next phase of exploration promises to provide critical insights into the mysteries of the outer regions of our solar system,” the team wrote in the study titled “Generation of Low-Inclination TNO Objects and the Transit of Neptune by Planet Nine.” Published on arXiv.