July 14, 2024

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PlayStation 4 saved AMD from bankruptcy!

PlayStation 4 saved AMD from bankruptcy!

if Playstation 4 It was not very successful and Sony And it preferred to develop its own processor again, as happened with the PlayStation 3. AMD It might not exist today.

By digging into the details, and exploring the LinkedIn profile of one of the company’s top executives, social media leaker X Timur222 discovered this previously unknown information. In particular, Renato Fragali, who is now the president of AMD’s PC division, mentions in his resume various information about the period from June 2012 to July 2014, when he was the senior director of product development engineering and under his leadership a team of 15 people helped Sony create the PS4 processor, which went on to sell over 100 million, saving AMD from bankruptcy.

The previously unknown information was confirmed by Phil Park, another AMD engineer, who wrote on his personal X account:

I’ve experienced this and that, and from what I know, it’s true.

The global financial crisis in 2008 put us in a very bad position, especially after Intel recovered with Merom/Conroe/Woodcrest and Nehalem. We sold several IPs like Adreno to raise money. Most of us also took temporary pay cuts.

In fact, those were very difficult years for AMD, which was struggling to compete with Intel’s core processors and at the same time spent heavily to acquire ATI. To make matters worse, Intel was paying manufacturers billions to keep AMD chips out of pre-built PCs.

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Of course, thanks to the controllers, AMD was able to get back on its feet, and today it has made huge leaps in the industry not only in the field of processors, but also in the graphics card industry, with its Zen and RDNA architectures.