October 4, 2023

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PlayStation: Rumors are circulating about an event/show coming soon!

PlayStation: Rumors are circulating about an event/show coming soon!

Several days ago I heard that Sony He’s preparing another show for this year, aiming to give us another taste of what his future holds Play Station. In particular, trusted reporter Jeff Grubb had indicated at the beginning of the month that PlayStation intended to run a new campaign soon Playing status And now the company itself has come to add fuel to the fire.

Moving on to the details, the official PlayStation website has just been updated with new information about Star blade, an upcoming PS5 exclusive that was announced in the September of last year in play. Sony will likely pave the way for the upcoming show, where we can learn more about the game.

And as if that weren’t enough, the official German PlayStation on X (formerly Twitter) suddenly made a post about the project, which you can see below.

In fact, this wasn’t the only suspicious tweet from the German account, as shortly thereafter he made a post about it. final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Which then decided to delete it! And he wrote in it: We hear now is the perfect time to add Final Fantasy VII REBIRTH to your wish list.

So, as everything turns out, we can soon expect a new state of play from Sony which is expected to host various games, from Final Fantasy VII REBIRTH to Stellar Blade, while apart from extraordinary emergencies, the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 .

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