July 22, 2024

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POFEE – Call to action

POFEE – Call to action
Hellenic Federation of Tax Professionals

Iuliano 42-46, P.O. 10434, Athens

phone. 210 82 53 445 – 446

fax. 210 82 53 446

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Athens, May 27, 2024

press release

Call to action

This year, the tax filing system opened much later than in any previous year, especially for natural persons, on April 26.

At the same time, with the opening of the system, a number of problems were identified (and continue to be identified), which we reported to AADE and the Ministry of Finance, but also announced in the name of POFEE with a press release on May 15, in order to inform the public so that citizens do not come before the surprise. Full instructions for filing natural persons’ returns were issued about 20 days later.

In addition, it should be taken into account that self-employed and freelancers are being taxed this year in a new way (presumptive income), which makes the use of the instructions necessary to complete the new forms correctly.

Almost so far 854000 E1 statementwhile remaining 61 days until the scheduled date. Therefore, it should be provided daily 71.890 About statements. The above calculation procedure on working days, excluding Sundays and Holy Spirit holidays only, is still there 52 Days and the number of daily submissions is increasing 85.500. It is humanly impossible to stick to the schedule given these submission rates.

In addition to all of the above, we want to add that On July 1, full implementation of the digital business card will begin in industrial and retail companies. This entails a lot of additional work in accounting offices.

Given the impossibility of completing tax returns within the unacceptably short period of time granted (we remind you of 28/6 for legal entities and 26/7 for natural persons), and in the face of this intransigent position of the Minister, the Board of Directors of POFEE decided at its extraordinary meeting held on 24/5 Suggest the following:

like First reaction stage To ask who everyone Associations of accountants throughout Greece should immediately (and within a week if possible) contact local bodies (departments, professional associations, etc.), parliamentarians and the media in their area to inform them of problems that have arisen and continue to arise in tax returns, as we have described in detail above, but It has also been described in previous press releases.

Our union is committed to its position of legislating for a specific period of time The period for filing a tax return is 5 months, as specified in Law 4172/2013, while all relevant decisions will be published, without legislative changes in the tax filing period, and after public services upload all required data in a timely and correct manner. In the event of any malfunction in the system, there must be an equal extension of tax returns without including the month of August in this period.

We now resent being spectators to the same play every year.

Especially for this year, and in order to complete the submission of tax returns smoothly and in humane working conditions, we consider that the only possible deadline for cases of submitting tax returns before Certified Accountants – Tax Technicians (in the criteria for submitting appointments for point of sale interconnection) September 30, 2024.

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POFEE Board of Directors