June 25, 2024

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In “News” on Tuesday: Who wins and who loses?

In “News” on Tuesday: Who wins and who loses?

Read in “News” Tuesday:

New suits
Who wins and who loses

• What does the Consolidated Non-Pension Benefits Regulation bring to the EFKA?
• All funds that have joined the new organization as of 2017 will relate to the insured
• What are the adjustments to benefits such as maternity, sickness, disability, funeral etc.

To the Ministry of the Interior and Anna Michelle Assimakopoulou
Fines of 440,000 euros for leaking emails

• What the Personal Data Protection Authority reveals in its 96-page findings about the ministry’s leadership, security systems, and details of the leak

Forecasts of meteorologists
What a summer we will have this year
• The prevailing scenario for Greece and Europe
• What diseases are returning due to climate change

And the prior publication of the Book of Revelation

New Democracy
5+1 minefields on the way to the polls
• Difficult areas for Maximus

Jack’s trial
The accused and provocative apologies

Far right
Background and intrigue in Brussels

School lunches
New strange coincidences for Lamia Fire

Horn and Mercury Awards
First among equals

• Winner Elena Rizzo speaks to NEA.

On the multi page, enter “Team”

The arrival of the European champions
Incredible apotheosis and party at OAKA for Panathinaikos

“If we win, we will enter Olympiacos history.”

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