July 22, 2024

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Nova’s “Bam”: The Secret Message of the Bad Internet

Nova’s “Bam”: The Secret Message of the Bad Internet

Nova’s good performance in 2023 has paved the way for great offers for mobile subscribers.

Last year, Nova emerged as a new force in communications and entertainment, bringing new data to the market and exceeding expectations. He decided to celebrate it with huge performances.

These apply to voice, SMS and data.

Let’s go see them.

What’s new in NOVA Free Internet

“Data Jump” is an affirmation of Nova’s commitment to its customers, offering new and existing subscribers updated plans at no additional cost. Updated software Unlimited conversations and text messages Offer more data now, and upgrade your 6GB and 15GB plans to 10GB and 20GB respectively, forever.

Another offer is the “Unlimited all” program which now includes, at no additional cost, unlimited minutes of talk to EU countries, forever. Offer valid for subscribers who register by 3/31.

2GB subscribers can double their data for two consecutive months through “Data Jump”.

The only requirement is to renew the simple contract through the easy-to-use application Nova programAnd also through it Nova.gr.

Regarding new subscribers, the plans have been upgraded Unlimited He speaks&short message They continue to offer a lot at reasonable prices.

Panagiotis Georgiopoulos, CEO NovaHe mentioned: «2023 was a big year for NovaWe successfully completed our transformation, forming a new, dynamic and modern company. Through a strong investment plan, we have recorded significant growth and strengthened our presence and brand us, and provide the best possible to our customers».

Michalis Anagnostakos, President marketing officer Novadeclaring: “We celebrate the new year NovaAnd provide more data Free of cost, adhering to customer centric approach by changing market standards. In Nova We are committed to providing our customers with the best technology available today, at the best prices and with the best experience possible».

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For more information about Data Jump, those interested can call 13800, and visit the company’s website nova.gr Or any of the Nova stores, all over Greece.

Nova: New Sims from Nova -What its owners should do.

Nova, a member of the United Group of the leading telecommunications and media provider in Southeast Europe, introduces eSim and Half Sim cards, marking a new era, driven by the environment and convenience for its subscribers.

eSim: The new generation of environmentally friendly Sim cards

The eSim card works just like a physical Sim card, and is compatible with a wide range of devices that have eSim technology. It is available to private and corporate Nova contract customers and is provided free of charge.

Those interested can choose an eSim, instead of a physical SIM card, at any Nova store as well as on nova.gr. Activation is automatic and very easy:

The subscriber connects the device to the WiFi network, scans the QR code provided to him by Nova, and follows the activation steps. This means that physical Sim cards will no longer be lost or destroyed – a simple change that makes a difference in everyone’s daily lives.

Half slice: Smaller size, less waste, same service

Half Sim is another step towards reducing our environmental footprint, using 50% less plastic and emitting 25% less CO2 during manufacturing and transport than traditional Sim cards.

Plus, this smaller Sim card creates less waste for the user as well, without sacrificing quality or service. The new Sim is available in all Nova stores and will initially be made available to all contract subscribers, followed by prepaid subscribers in 2024. The Half Sim has exactly the same features and capabilities as the regular card with the only difference being the smaller size.

When sustainable practices combine with everyday convenience

Nova’s commitment to sustainability extends not only to products, but also to incorporating environmentally friendly practices into our daily lives. From recycling initiatives across its facilities, to adopting environmental and energy management systems with ISO certifications, Nova is committed to making sustainability a part of everyday life.

Make a difference with every call, message and communication.

The launch of eSim and Half Sim cards is more than just an environmental action. It’s about providing easy-to-use solutions that improve everyday life, while Nova contributes to a greener future.

Embrace with us these new technologies that make life easier and our planet healthier.

Nova: Provides almost super-fast internet speeds… gibberish

Nova gives the Internet speeds beyond imagination.

Improved experience and fast, reliable internet for more families and businesses with Nova Fiber

Nova, a member of United Group, the leading telecommunications and media provider in Southeast Europe, is bringing unprecedented internet speeds to a growing number of neighborhoods in Athens with its fiber-to-the-home network, Nova Fiber.

Ultra-fast speeds of up to 1 Gbps are already available in Gazi, Exarchia, Thissio, Kolonaki, Kolonos, Metaxourgio, Omonoia, Patissia, Petralona, ​​Sipolia, Tavros and Kypseli, already covering more than 100,000 homes in the Athens Municipality while projects continue to expand into more Athens neighbourhoods, gradually increasing coverage to 160,000 homes. By the end of 2024.

Fiber to the home from €26 per month and fast installation

Nova, true to its commitment to making communications simple and accessible for everyone, has Nova Fiber (FTTH) 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 1Gbps plans priced from just €26 per month, allowing businesses and households to choose the plan that suits their specific needs.

The connection installation is completed within a few days[1] Users are guaranteed 100% guaranteed high speeds of up to 1 Gbps[2].

With Nova Fiber’s fiber-to-the-home network, users will be able to seamlessly browse the Internet, as well as use digital services and entertainment without interruption or delay.

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At the same time, they will be able to connect multiple devices at the same time and enjoy an uninterrupted online gaming experience, and download and upload videos at reliable high speeds.

Nova promotes digital transformation in the country

The Nova Fiber network is an important element of modern digital infrastructures and is developing dynamically, as part of Nova’s commitment to invest €2 billion by 2027, of which €500 million has already been invested in projects.

This investment project aims to enhance Greece’s digital future and create infrastructure that enhances access to high-quality digital services.

With the deployment of United Fiber’s Nova Fiber network set to exceed half a million homes nationwide by the end of 2024, Nova responds to the growing demands of households and businesses by providing fast internet speeds that improve the quality and reliability of the digital experience for citizens and businesses.

“Nova provides unprecedented speeds throughout Greece. A new digital era has arrived for households and businesses in Athens, offering unlimited possibilities to connect and use innovative technological applications. We remain present in the country’s digital transformation as we have already invested €500 million in projects from our investment plan.” , which will reach €2 billion by 2027, and we remain committed to our goal of fiber coverage to the home of 40% of the population and 70% of the country’s regions,” said Michalis Anagnostakos, Chief Marketing Officer at Nova.

Those interested will find more information about Nova Fiber and Nova’s Fiber programs in NOVA stores and on nova.gr.

[1] Applies to buildings with existing indoor Nova fiber infrastructure

[2] In the Viber Ultra program