February 7, 2023

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The price of natural gas has “sinked” even below 100 euros

Its prices are on a downward trajectory for the fourth day European natural gasleading today to a reference point TTF Even less than 100 euros.

Specifically, the price of “blue gold” fell by as much as 6.5% in 98.75 EUR/MWha fact aided by massive imports liquefied natural gas and high stocks.

the Natural gas stores In Europe it is about 89% full, above the five-year average, according to data from Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE).

At the same time, the Temperatures In many parts of the old continent, as in our country, it is relatively mild for the season.

Recall that the Council of Energy Ministers of the European Union on Monday. Reach an enforcement agreement Roof At €180/MWh as of February 15th.

It should be noted that the €180 limit will only come into effect if the price difference with global LNG prices is greater than €35 and the high prices in the following month’s TTF contract are maintained for three days.


At the same time, the price of electricity in Greece is starting to rise again. Specifically, after five days of decline, which on December 19 reached 200.61 € / MWh, as of yesterday, Tuesday, December 20, there was an increase of 8% to 216.67 € / MWh, while for today, Wednesday, December 21, The price of electricity increased further by 20.6% to 261.28 EUR/MWh, recording the lowest price at 161.59 EUR/MWh and the highest at 373.33 EUR/MWh.

In terms of the energy mix, natural gas ranks first with 28.13%, followed by RES with 25.37% (27.32% with Crete), imports with 24.66%, lignite with 14, 19% and hydroelectric power with 2.9%.

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