February 7, 2023

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A second chance for those who missed it

This afternoon (as the audience will not pay) a payment will be made 190 million euros in about 840 thousand old and new beneficiaries heating allowance. But those who did not have time to apply until December 9 have a new opportunity! By ministerial decision, all natural persons who have not submitted an application before are defined December 9, 2022they can send it from December 20, 2022 Until January 13, 2023. Thus, new beneficiaries will be able to make up for the following payments.

Today, longtime beneficiaries will receive an advance of an amount equal to the amount they received last year. New beneficiaries who have applied will see the money they are entitled to in their bank accounts for purchases billed by the end of November, provided the required details are entered.

Those who submit applications from today until January 13, 2023 They will get the money with the next payments. his next batch heating allowance Scheduled through the end of February 2023 for purchases billed by January 31, 2023 provided required information is entered by February 15, 2023.

Last installment is expected to be paid on April 28, for all purchases that will be invoiced by March 31, 2023 and subject to required data registration by April 15, 2023.

especially for natural gasuntil May 31, 2023, the supporting documents will be registered for the purchase for the period from 1/10/2022 to 03/31/2023 with the date of issuance of the payment document until May 16, 2023 and the corresponding allowance amount will be paid until June 15, 2023. For thermal energy consumption through District heating, to be recorded through July 15, 2023 Purchase documents For the period from 10/1/2022 to 03/31/2023 with the date of issuance of the payment document until June 30, 2023 and the corresponding allowance amount will be paid until August 10, 2023.

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The main change for this year, in addition to the increase in income standards, is the amount of the allowance, with the basic amount rising to €350 (from €300 last year). The amount fluctuates depending on the special rate (class days) applicable in each region of the country. the testimonial days They are adjusted to the climatic and cold conditions in each region.

Allowance amounts vary From 100 to 800 euros For those who are already using heating oil or other methods, except natural gas And the Electricity. New income limits apply to them.

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