December 3, 2023

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POSPER vs. ERT Middle East to Bendaraaki answers

POSPER vs.  ERT Middle East to Bendaraaki answers

Following ERT’s combat responses from recent battlefields in Israel and Palestine, we feel compelled to make a complaint-notice regarding the manner and style of the responses broadcast.

The head of the regional station of Chania in Crete, Ms. Eptychia Pentaraki is the reason why ERT management sent him to the war zones as a war correspondent.

We believe that objectivity, journalistic ethics, the tragedy of war, empathy and sensitivity to human existence, innocent victims and citizens, regardless of origin, are fundamental elements that should govern journalists who respect the profession. and opinions of old and distinguished colleagues on similar occasions.

Instead, we see disjointed, belligerent reruns of the reality and drama experienced by the people of the region and the horrors of war unfolding.

Joyful responses to war, dances and songs with soldiers about upcoming war operations, killing of civilians and children, joyous displays of armed formations and military feats, descriptions dealing with war drama on the playground.

Ms. Penderakis’s specific responses not only fail to understand the tragedy of those moments, but they are cruelly insulting both to human suffering and to the “sense of common law” required to differentiate the form and content of war responses. Public Television.

We condemn the management of ERT for this particular exam, Mrs. Ebdichia Bendaraki for the manner and method of re-broadcasting more than they expected. We call on Zoula, ESIEA and the National Council of Radio and Television to take up their responsibilities. Defending journalistic work, journalistic ethics, objective reporting, the human condition and life before the endless drama of the horrors of war.

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