June 12, 2024

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PS5 Pro ‘sure’ according to rumors – new information

PS5 Pro ‘sure’ according to rumors – new information

Some time ago we reported to you the information that well-known gaming industry leaker Tom Henderson made public, regarding future plans for Sony to PS5.

Specifically, the company is preparing something like “The second phase” to Playstation 5which will include among others a Brand new handheld console, which will accompany the PS5, since its games will not work locally, but with remote play from the main console. At the same time, Henderson also spoke out Redesigned PS5 Mini with removable disc readerbut also for one person PS5 Pro.

However, many find it hard to believe that Sony is actually preparing a more powerful PS5 Pro, which will be able to run games at better resolutions, as well as with better graphics. So the reporter came back with one Another brand new to Insider Gaming’s media, highlighting the how-to Sony is currently “100%” on the PS5 Pro. In fact, he didn’t stop there, after he revealed that Prototypes of the development kit are due to arrive at PlayStation Studios in the coming monthswith third-party companies receiving them by the end of the year.

If this information is correct, then the development of the console is at an advanced stage and Sony has entered one of the last and most important stages before the final release. The leaker has once again indicated that the PS5 Pro will be launched Towards the end of 2024. Among other things, he confirmed:

It’s been a hot topic of discussion lately, but yes, Insider Gaming previously revealed that Sony is developing the PlayStation 5 Pro. Our March report was dismissed by many as inaccurate when it was first reported on console.

Although the PlayStation 5 Pro can be canceled at any time, Insider Gaming can report with 100% certainty that the PlayStation 5 Pro is currently in development.

While we can’t reveal more details at this time, we understand that the first developer kits will go to first-party developers in the coming months, while third-party developers will receive them by the end of the year.

According to the latest leakster report, the release schedule for Sony devices is as follows:

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Leonardo Project (Access Controller) Fourth quarter 2023

Simple redesigned PlayStation 5 (with removable disk reader) – September 2023

project nomad (New wireless headphones) – until the end of fiscal year 2023

Voyager project (New wireless headset) – until the end of fiscal year 2023

Q Lite (New PlayStation Portable Console) – the fourth quarter of 2023

PS5 Pro Fourth quarter 2024

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