June 13, 2024

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VentureBeat is another website that uses artificial intelligence in its articles – artificial intelligence

VentureBeat is another website that uses artificial intelligence in its articles – artificial intelligence

More and more websites and media They use Now artificial intelligence to write articles.

VentureBeat Editor-in-Chief, Michael Nunez He said newly to Bloomberg that VentureBeat uses Microsoft’s Bing Chat to edit or review articles and to help write new topics. In the medium in which he works, he says, journalists are encouraged to use AI-derived sentences or text fragments as long as they are accurate and proven.

The Microsoft technology behind OpenAI works as if someone else on the team, says Michael Nunez, can digest content in seconds instead of hours. Although VentureBeat does not disclose its use of AI content, since the use is limited and the content is original, it makes it clear that it does not intend to use the technology to create full articles.

In January this year, it was revealed that C | NET has been using artificial intelligence to produce complete financial advisory articles since November last year. Labeled C | NET method I’ve used it as “temporary” as more than half of the articles require patches. In some cases, the text was copied from others without the sources being provided and it was not made clear that the text fragments were generated by algorithms.

Productive AI technologies such as Bing Chat, ChatGPT, and Google Bard are starting to become more popular as creation tools, as ways to search for content, or even for entertainment. However, there are many ethical concerns, including plagiarism, accuracy, verification, and deception. Questions arise about trust as well — should creators disclose their use of AI, even if it is undetectable or minimal? Although in the broader news industry, AI is not expected to replace—at least not completely—the human factor, there are concerns that AI could be used to reduce the need for real people in the media.

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