May 18, 2024

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What is the most popular web browser in the world? Now we know

What is the most popular web browser in the world?  Now we know

Microsoft EdgeAnd Google Chrome Or maybe Safari Ha apple; What are the most popular web browsers for computers? Based on data provided by the analysis service StatCounterChrome remains at the top of the favourites, owning 66.13% of the market.

However, according to the site’s data, Safari once again took the lead over Microsoft Edge to become the second most popular desktop browser. Based on the new data, Safari is now used on 11.87% of computers worldwide, ahead of Edge by only 0.87%.

in 4the We have his position Fire Fox Ha Mozilla by 5.65%, whereas opera Located at 5the position then follows Internet browser.

The most popular web browsers at the moment according to data collected by StatCounter:

  1. Chromium 66.13%
  2. Safari 11.87%
  3. edge 11%
  4. Firefox 5.65%
  5. Opera 3.09%
  6. I.E. 0.55%

Although Safari is now on 2the In the ranking and surpassed by Microsoft Edge, it seems that it still has a long way to go before reaching Google Chrome, which holds the first place by a large margin.

However, it should be noted that Safari was created by Apple and is only available for its devices such as MacBooks. This means that users who are using Windows PC are not able to identify and use this browser. So Safari could have a higher percentage.

On the other hand, it seems that those who own an Apple computer also use Chrome, since it is usually available on all the company’s devices.

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