July 14, 2024

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Putin’s first appearance since the Wagner rebellion

Putin’s first appearance since the Wagner rebellion

Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared today for the first time since the end of the uprising of the mercenary Wagner Group, addressing the Industry and Youth Forum in a video released by the Kremlin.

The video, posted on the Kremlin’s website, shows the Russian president sitting at an office, but it cannot be determined where or when it was filmed. In his speech, where he congratulated the participants in the forum, according to Reuters, he did not refer to the armed rebellion but spoke of “challenges” facing the industry due to Western sanctions.

Putin addressed the Russian people last Saturday, condemning Wagner’s mercenary rebellion as a “stab in the back” and vowing to crush it.

He has not commented publicly on the ensuing deal, announced Saturday night, that appeared to defuse the crisis and avert a possible bloodbath by allowing Wagner fighters to return to their barracks and their commander, Yevgeny Prigozhin, to move to Belarus.

In addition, Putin had a telephone conversation with Iranian President Ebrahim Rayshi, who expressed full support for the Russian leadership after the failed revolt of Wagner’s mercenary army, as reported by the Interfax news agency today.

The Kremlin said, “The Iranian president expressed his full support for the Russian leaders in the context of the events of June 24.” During the morning, Putin also received the “support” of the Emir of Qatar, according to another statement from the Russian presidency.

Source: AMPE