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Quadruple murder of students in the United States: Why did the surviving friend call them 6 hours after the 100th day? Fire quests

Quadruple murder of students in the United States: Why did the surviving friend call them 6 hours after the 100th day?  Fire quests

In the hands of the police, a month after the brutal crime, the killer of the four students in Idaho was finally found inside their home, causing shock in the United States and abroad.

The Daily Mail read police documents about her Quadruple murder which points to 28-year-old law student Kohberger as the culprit.

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This document describes how the police and the FBI tracked down the 28-year-old graduate student in a criminal case.

The documents included details of how Kohberger’s DNA was found on a knife scabbard near the bodies of Maddie Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves and other details.

However, the long-awaited revelation has raised a number of questions about The murders of November 13th. A series that remains unanswered.

Why did Dylan wait 6 hours before calling 911, even though she came face to face with the killer?

A roommate of the unlucky four students, Dylan Mortensen, is pressured into revealing why she didn’t contact the authorities sooner – despite having run into the killer.

The affidavit revealed that Mortensen – who lived through the attack with Bethany Funk – heard a struggle during the night and opened her door.

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Mortensen told police she saw a suspect dressed in black with a mask covering his face and heard one of her roommates say, “Someone’s here.”

I also heard the killer say, “It’s okay, I’m here to help you” as he walked around the house committing atrocities.

Police confirmed that a 911 call was made by a fellow survivor in the room at 11:58 a.m. seeking help for an unconscious person.

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Questions have been raised as to why Mortensen did not contact the authorities sooner, with some suggesting that she may have “frozen” out of fear.

Mortensen did not call authorities for six hours, despite hearing several of her roommates, and despite seeing the killer.

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Mortensen told officers she was awakened around 4 a.m. by what she thought was Kylie Goncalves, 21, “playing with her dog” in a third-floor bedroom.

She said she looked outside her room but saw nothing, and looked again a short time later when she heard more noises and thought Zanna Kernodel was crying.

Mortensen stated that she opened her door a third time after hearing screams and saw a person dressed in black with a mask covering the person’s mouth and nose coming towards her.

After the man moved towards her, she said she remained shocked and frozen as the man walked past her without touching her.

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It is unclear why the killer did not kill Funk and Mortensen, although the latter came face to face with the killer who killed her four fellow students and roommates.

Why were the four students targeted?

Kohberger is accused of observing, and conducting an autopsy on, student residences at 1122 King Road no less than twelve times prior to committing the quadruple homicide.

Police are detailing his every move on the day of the murder, with the help of his vehicle surveillance footage and data from his mobile phone.

However, both how the students died and why they were targeted were omitted from the report.

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The coroner’s report was omitted from the affidavit, as authorities had earlier confirmed that all four were seriously injured.

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One unanswered question is why Kohberger allegedly targeted the four students – and allowed their roommates to live.

Kohberger was identified by his mobile phone fingerprints as having walked in the area of ​​the students’ home in the months leading up to the murder.

The affidavit states that police made “efforts to determine whether Kohberger was following any of the victims” prior to the murders.

It added that it was examining whether he “followed the residents of King’s Road and whether he had contact with any of the victims’ roommates before or after the murder”.

However, it is not clear how the students became the target of the killer. It is simply stated that he watched them for a while “early in the morning and late at night”.

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Why let the dog live?

One of the biggest questions that also came up was why she let the dog that Kylie Goncalves shared with her ex-boyfriend – Jacques Duquesne – live.

All of the housemates regularly shared online footage of them having fun, with Murphy featured prominently on social media.

Moscow police confirmed that the dog survived the attack.

Mortensen, her roommate, testified that the first time she answered her door that night was because she thought she heard Goncalves playing with her dog.

However, the police stated in their report that both Goncalves and Madi Mougin were found dead in a bedroom, while The dog was locked in another room.

Kohburger is said to have been a fanatical vegetarian, so fanatical that he forced his family members to splurge and buy new utensils that had never touched meat.

It is thought that he may not have seen the dog inside the house, or that killing an animal may be related to his vegetarian beliefs.

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