April 24, 2024

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Questions for our 250,000 (?) migrants who did not return with any force from 2010-2021…

Questions for our 250,000 (?) migrants who did not return with any force from 2010-2021…

By George Kraloglos

Of the 600,000 Greek immigrants from 2010-2021, the government says 350,000 returned and projects 250,000. You mean he believes this…?

Since we don't trust them (by the government – even with Eurostat's data call) we thought we'd do something more journalistically practical.

We will also get an “interview” from the 250,000 people the government wants to save, even if we return from our 350,000 migrants (according to the government). Anyone who wants to answer more…

Question one: The main reason for the return of 350,000 (?) is that since the 2019 regime (i.e. more than 4 years) it has reduced taxes, exempted investments and investors from licensing, and increased the average. The salary is 20% (ss so we don't have Bulgarian salaries…) and there is constant growth. Is this just one change to return 350,000 (?) of our 600,000 (?) emigrants?

Question two: The government believes that Greece is now one of the most attractive countries for investment, which will result in real integration with the EU average income. Is that why you came back? If you find it, why not tell the 250,000 (?) people outside Greece to leave and go back?

QUESTION THREE: The government claims to create equivalent skilled jobs for Greeks outside Greece, (as the government admits…) 70% of the 600,000 who left (as well as the 250,000 (?) who? Don't go back…) have a master's degree, a doctorate, a master's degree. want Are you one of the 350,000 (?) people who went back on the government's promises? So why don't you make all 250,000 (?) come back…?

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Question four: The government says it will make a multi-level effort to attract as many people as possible to return to Greece. It changes the circumstances that led to your decision to leave… Is it that simple? Having lived abroad, do you think Greece can do this, and (mostly) love it?

Question five: The government believes that the 50% exemption on income in the first seven years for natural persons who move their tax residence to Greece brought 350,000 (?) people home with everyone else to cut red tape. Attract foreign investment. Do you agree; If so, will it affect the 250,000 (?) people who have not moved from the place where they made their lives? What do you mean;

Question Six: The government promises an improved business environment and financing (it believes) Many people have brilliant business ideas but lack the capital to implement them. It will eliminate bureaucracy and improve quality of life with interventions in health, education, family support and citizen protection (!!). You who stayed outside Greece for over 10 years and (always according to the government) 250,000 (?) are stubborn…because you never returned to Greece, do you believe this?

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