February 7, 2023

Valley Post

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New Democracy / Blue Member of Parliament illegally doing business with the public

Themis Heimaras, MP for Fidiotida, said her staff did not know about contracts worth thousands of euros with 30 public bodies – which were irreparable.

A new “best” was identified NT MPBecause he owns a manufacturing company Illegal business with public bodies Although irrelevant. Newspaper DocumentThanasis Heimeras, elected with New Democracy to Parliament since 2019, He has signed 270 agreements with municipalities and other public bodies in his constituency.

Amount of contracts with public bodies Over 400,000 euros and concern, inter alia, photocopying materials, stationery, diaries and bookbindings.

In his response to the document, He feigns ignorance and throws them at his allies. As he says, due to his parliamentary duties, his business and personal involvement is absent His associates were unaware of a paradox and ongoing collaboration with OTAs and other public bodies.

The point, of course, is that The Vice-Chancellor must have knowledge of the Constitution It expressly states that its duties do not coincide with business dealings with the public, not its employees.

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