April 24, 2024

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Railways: New Thriller With Train On Oinoi Tracks… “Ghost” That… Suddenly “Disappears” – Newsbomb – News

Railways: New Thriller With Train On Oinoi Tracks… “Ghost” That… Suddenly “Disappears” – Newsbomb – News

At Oinoi station they looked for train “1535” which had not left Salkita for 20 minutes.

Greek railways are at an important crossroads where final decisions must be made regarding the present and future of rail transport in the country.

Daily breakdowns in the implementation of the program of already defined subsidized routes, the concentration of “safety incidents” in the movement of trains, the swelling of loans to the Italians (Hellenic Railway) State (OSE) and the lack of investments. Modernization of rolling stock undermines any government effort to restore confidence in rail.

A year later The Tempe train tragedy Months after the devastating weather disaster Daniele caused to the railway infrastructure, there is no end to the adventures and tribulations of the passengers of the Italian Hellenic train.

The incident revealed by “Da Nee” newspaper is typical Last Friday. In the early hours of the morning, the alarm was sounded for a train that had suddenly gone “missing” on Athens' suburban network, and OSE stationmasters were searching for it! The new “thriller” is about her Train “1535”, which was to operate the Salkita-Athens route at 7:11 am. This particular train was found unable to depart due to heavy damage after boarding a train bound for Athens.

The driver of the concerned train did not take this action when he should have informed the station masters of the OSE, apart from those responsible for Hellenic Train. He did not respond to their repeated calls. The result was that the station master of Oinoya, who waited in vain for the train to arrive at his station at 7:30 a.m., signaled at the same time and started looking for it. warningHe fears the “worst”!

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At one point, when she managed to talk to the driver, she informed him that the train had “broken down” and had not started the route, but was stationary at Salgita station. The Oinoi station master searched for the train driver for an estimated 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, passengers waiting to depart for Athens remained inside the train and fumed. When they tried to find out when their travel plans would start, they didn't get any specific answers. Among the passengers was a lawyer, who was forced to do so Call the policeOn the one hand to register the event and on the other hand to give some concrete answer to the people who were worried about the fate of the route.

Insect infestation

Breakdown of trains is becoming a major threat to rail travel. A total of 570 breakdowns (nearly two breakdowns per day!) have been recorded in suburban and inter-city trains in the last 11 months.

Railway sources link the frequent breakdowns to poor maintenance of the rolling stock, which was transferred to the Italian company through the takeover of maintenance firm EESSTY. Employees' complaints are typical, that Hellenic Rail and Hellenic State (GIA-AOSE) trains are left to their own devices (without spare parts, with a severe lack of technical staff at maintenance sites, etc.).

The future of Italians

New arrhythmias in the railways, the continued accumulation of loans to the Italian Hellenic Railway OSE (which now exceed 100 million euros) for the use of its infrastructure and the fate of the tender for Thriasio II, the second freight center in Aspropyrgos, bring back to the fore the rumors about the future of the Italians in Greece.

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These rumors are reinforced by Hellenic Rail's reluctance to invest in Greek railways so far and the “unknown X” of compensation for the accident at Tempi.

On the other hand, could the Greek government “kick” the FS Italians off the Hellenic train? Railway sources argue that the government “can do it and has many tools at its disposal”.

*With information from “Da Nia” newspaper

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