June 13, 2024

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“Rate” the Mitsutake government! The crushing battles of the sickle seize the homes of the Greeks! Things that do not belong! Creepy new complaint! Look what happened!

“Rate” the Mitsutake government!  The crushing battles of the sickle seize the homes of the Greeks!  Things that do not belong!  Creepy new complaint!  Look what happened!

Read the complaint as it arrives in the electronic drawers of “Makeleio.gr”:

“Good morning ,

I would like to report on the foreign fund
Do Value, who bought a mortgage from the National Bank, without my knowledge of course, and who will put my house up for auction while I have a final decision from Katseli Law No. 3869/2010
And while I am paying the installments after they finally sent me the payment code with a delay of 4 months‼️‼️ from the application I submitted to them and I notified them of the decision of Law 3869
In the meantime I should say that it all began with adjournments of courts by unacceptable outbreaks of disease, because we had submitted papers upon which only they could judge, instead of giving us adjournments which cost me dearly and I will tell you why.
If you had been prosecuted in 2020, when the objective value of the house was 46,000 euros, it would have taken a decision of 80%, which unfortunately they make decisions in Corinthia, while the law provides for up to 80% of the objective value to keep your house, you may therefore have incurred a debt a total of 36,800 euros,
But due to COVID postponements, I was tried in May 2022, when we had a significant increase in the objective value, from 46,000 to 69,000 euros!!!!!! An increase of 23,000 euros!!!!!! in paleo falero.
And the decision that was issued on 1/27/2023 came with this increase, my debt is 80% * 69,000 euros = 55,200 euros, which means an additional 18,400 euros without the judge taking into account that I am unemployed and that I have received two deferrals without fault because it was coronaious !!!!!
And so he gave me an installment of 300 euros a month, for 15 years without any thought if I had to pay and if the unfair increase in the target had cost me too much.
Justice tells you otherwise.

Meanwhile, Do Value has been harassing me on the phones since 2020, telling me I am out of Katseli law, despite sending my provisional decision, they went ahead and offered me an out-of-court settlement of €22,000.
Which, of course, I did not accept, because I thought that N. Katseli would protect me
And he took n. Katseli Dean 55200!!!!!
Listen listen!!!!
Court decisions are unacceptable!!!!!!

After this shameful decision was issued, Calvary began with the dove!!!!!!
I started looking for them on phones
They told me to submit an order to their website
I sent a motion for resolution and am still getting calls from the arrears department at Do Value, and they are still telling me I am outside of Katseli Law.
Finally a struggle until after 4 months I was able to get the payment code
Where I had to pay Mazino these months of course
Something that was very difficult for me!!!
I was finally able to pay it off from the end of May, until July, that is, in a period of two months
And as soon as I paid, I got a call from the bailiff saying I had a lien!!!!
They are auctioning my house!!!!! Because the departments within the company do not communicate with each other
Listen listen!!!
The Delays Department does not have a referral from District N. Katseli!!!!!
I am also now required to file an appeal, suspension and suit, of course
I am in a new legal battle for absolutely no reason
Things you’ve never heard of!!! But what happens with … the blessings of the rulers, of course, because they left us at the mercy of money!!!
Please share the land so that the world will be informed and for us to see what we can do as a group, maybe we can stop the work of….our killers!!!!!
Thank you very much in advance for listening to me

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Doris Nectaria