May 21, 2024

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Reaction after posting about her son and visiting his father's grave

Ha Angeliki Iliadis “Meet the show camera”breakfast» And journalist Fay Foto.

The well-known singer, among others, spoke about his participation Sava Genzoglou Ali Najia responded to reports that her eldest son, Babis, wanted to visit his father’s grave. Papi Lazaridis.

“I was offered Survivor, but since I left I'm a Celebrity, it's been very hard for me to leave my kids when I've already been gone for two months. I think everything happens at the right time and I think Survivor will also come at the right time.” Now is the time for Savas to go and live this unique experience,” said Angeliki Iliadis at the start.

Regarding reports that she wants her eldest son, Babis, to visit the grave of his father, Babis Lazaridis, Angeliki Iliadis responded: “You will answer me if I do not respond to you regarding very personal matters, especially regarding my son’s personal matters.” Issues. When it comes to my child, I am a mother who pulls her nails because I want to protect my children from programs and channels. “I fully support my children and try to be there for them as much as possible.”

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