July 18, 2024

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Survivor 2024: The four dice and Red leaves the board

Survivor 2024: The four dice and Red leaves the board

The Celebrity's third consecutive defeat in the immunities resulted in Caterina Dallacca receiving the Player of the Week award, without having to vote, who in turn chose to take Chrissa Hatzigorgiou with her. So the two will compete with Elena Amanatidou and Maria Antona on Wednesday night (28/2) for their residency in Survivor 2024. His council The reality of survival from SKAI It was also marked by the departure of the Reds due to the treatment Asimina Hatziandou received from the members of the Blue Team.

The Warriors may have entered Week 8 with a lot of strength Survivor Having benefited from injuries to Asimina Hatziandreou and Savvas Gentsoglou, but all is not rosy in their hut as they appear to have split into two groups. As revealed by Marilena Facundio, one group consists of her, Aira, Dora, Stamatis and Ioanna and the rest make up the other group, with Chrysa playing the role of the wild card.

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At the same time, a new feud broke out between Chrysa and Stamatis, and James Kaftzis appears to be responsible for it, according to Taladianos.

“In the council yesterday, I think the question of what happened to me and James and so on was raised again. This started with a vote that to some was fair and to me unfair. James is trying in a thousand ways to convince us that it is fair for me to go to the polls. I'm trying to understand what “All of this has led to him and what James is trying to achieve through all of this. I think this is all what the group that formed on the other side is saying, and they came to say it. What I don't understand is Chrissa. What did she do to you;” As for Chrissa's vote against him, he said: “You have been by my side, we have been through a lot together, we have said a lot and you never showed up before the vote to say to me 'You know what Stamatis is, I'm thinking of voting for you.'” There I would take off my hat and say “I'm with you too.” But not like this.”

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“I had to vote for you and I'm back to bearing my face for two weeks and in every chamber we have the same discussion. Fed up. He's playing like a lemon for us. Relax, we've all been voted out, get over it a little,” was Chryssa Hatzigeorgiou's reaction to Stamatis' situation.

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Tensions continued in the blue hut during mealtime, when half the group decided to cook on their own, without waiting for the others. Vanes reacted to the movement of his teammates and the fact that no one asked the others if they were hungry, but they did not tell them that they were going to cook.

“When you take the initiative, you should get the other person's reaction, because I was hungry and so was Giannis, but no one asked us and they decided to prepare the supplies themselves.”

He then explained that Marlena took the initiative, stressing that everyone is going through the same difficulties and has the same needs.

He said: “Marilena took the initiative without asking anyone because she was hungry, and I want to say that we are all hungry. We are going through the same difficulties, but we have good communication.”

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The two sub-groups of fighters got a little closer when James Kaftzis was taken to the hospital, where Stamatis informed Taldianos that something was hiding behind him and split his team.

“I think James was taken to the clinic sometime yesterday and has been absent until now. The truth is that what I noticed is that after James left, some of the kids, Giorgos, Chrissa, Vaness and Yannis, moved a little closer from here, a little closer to us.”

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Red and Blue once again found themselves on the battlefield with the goal of getting the final immunity shot of the week. Dora Nicoli and Elena Amanatidou came face to face and started running through the structures and the score was 3-3.

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Only at a critical point where they had to turn, they did not see each other and due to the high speed at which they developed they collided head-on. Both players became dizzy and as a result had to be taken to the survivors' doctor. His condition was not serious and they continued the competition, but Dora was left with a huge butt.

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The two teams went side by side until 7-7 where Gulica gave the Blues the lead against Alexis Pappas and from that point his side stayed ahead and entered the pennant race with a 10-7 lead.

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All the Reds managed to do was reduce the score to 11-8 with Dalacca and Daniel, before Stamatis and Ioana scored the second goal. 12-8 Against Alexis and Eugenia, giving the Blues third immunity.

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After the end of the match, Giorgos Llanos announced that Daniel and Dalaka were tied for the title of MVP, but Katerina had better statistics since the beginning of Survivor and thus was the one who assumed the power to choose the fourth candidate.

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The Famous admitted that in the last fight, Alexis Pappas and Eugenia Bourla colluded with the rest of the team to lose. In order to get an MVP spot, they didn't risk making more runs and dropping their stats. The points needed to win were enough, so they let Baba go for the Oscar instead of one point.

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“Sometimes a loss is a big gain,” Caterina Dallacca said of the Reds' trick, while also focusing on the fact that she received the MVP award for the third time, but also found herself in trouble for the second time, after her team was defeated and the choices were limited, which led to her nomination. automatically.

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In the Al Jazira Council, the confrontation between the two teams raged, leading to the exit of the Red Team players. Ironies and accusations from both sides led them out. “When the field is over, let us know,” they said and left to support Asimina Hatziandou, who felt insulted by her opponents' behavior.

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The Reds returned shortly afterwards without Asimena, but the talk was on the popular player with Alexis Pappas pointing out the Blues' approach and James Kaftzis coming off on the counter-attack.

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Then Caterina Dallacca, the reigning MVP and third favorite to leave, announced her decision to choose to lead Kryssa Hatzigeorgiou to the tacos, which she said she expected.

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