November 28, 2023

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The Bell Tower Murders: TV viewers went crazy

The Bell Tower Murders: TV viewers went crazy

Divine Comedy Alpha “The Bell Tower Murders”Which came to add some laughter to this year’s novels.

And true! From the first episode, Viewers appreciated the fact that it is a fun and surreal comedyamong the many dramas and many historical series included in this season.

We met her in the first episode Apis Maria (Elizabeth Constantinidou) delusion Sisters Arsinoe (Renia Loizidou), Agathoniki (Minnie Konstantinidou), Urania (Lydia Tzanoudaki) and Chrysovalanto (Annie Theokari) Living quietly and peacefully in the Monastery of Agia Theodoli. Until one morning they discovered one Male corpse In the closet and their lives began to turn into hell.

The case was investigated by an experienced criminal police officer, Miltiades Sofianos (Giorgis Tsouris)And his junior assistant, Hector Tsakalakis (Vangelis Daousis)With orders to conduct the investigation in complete secrecy. Due to the suspicion against the nuns, they were investigated, but the strange thing is that none of them knew the victim, nor did they see anything on the night of the murder.

But evidence soon emerges to the contrary: One of the nuns secretly brought the victim into the monastery and then killed him.

During the first show, The hashtag #kampanario rose to the top of Twitterwhere users share different lines from the series, commenting positively on the first sample and mentioning how they’ve missed laughing from TV lately.

It is reported that the series is directed by him Antonis Angelopoulou (“Para Pente”) The script is written by Nikos Tsiamis, Nikos Mitsas and Panagiotis Christopoulos, in what is expected to lead us to a mystery with “killer” jokes and laughter until “death”.

The Bell Tower Murders: Positive Comments on Twitter