June 19, 2024

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This also happened: Andreas Loverdos is very in love with a famous actress

This also happened: Andreas Loverdos is very in love with a famous actress

Some things that were…unwritten have finally been written!

Politics and the entertainment industry, as “Espresso” exclusively reveals today, created the perfect “crime” of love, with the location of the “crime” being Rhodes!

Hundreds of Bengalis may have made Judgment Night day on Knights Island, but the Bengali romance between a well-known politician, a glamorous TV star and a criminologist made those who witnessed it… roll their eyes at two recognizable faces!

The reason is the former minister and current president of the Democratic Party, Andreas Loverdos, and the popular actress (who holds a graduate degree in criminology, in Barcelona) Dimitra Sigala, who decided to stop hiding their love after a year and a half of their relationship. Protected away from public lights!

Andreas Loverdos and his now official partner Dimitra Sigala (whom we saw last year in the Alpha series “The Doctor” alongside Markoulakis), according to exclusive information of “Espresso”, enjoyed the Easter holiday – from Maundy Thursday until the Wednesday after Easter. – The hotel owners hosted him in an ultra-luxurious suite on the 12th floor, where the former minister and the actress enjoyed their love affair and the hotel’s high-end facilities!

In fact, as a reliable source told Espresso, the 67-year-old politician is not only in love and infatuated with the 48-year-old actress, but he is thrilled. Although there is a relative age difference – and this does not matter in love – those who saw them talked about a completely identical couple, although the same source told us that the TV star (who in the past had a relationship with a prominent member of the business family) also showed some… . Signs of jealousy, as her nails became redder during the Resurrection Supper because there were very charming and beautiful earthly ladies in their company, which might give her, so to speak, insecurity!

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