June 25, 2024

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The touching scene with Harris Alexiou in Maestro, which few understood

The touching scene with Harris Alexiou in Maestro, which few understood

After waiting for several months, the maestro returned last Thursday to our receivers via the MEGA channel. The first episode of the second season of the series, which delighted the audience and critics and was broadcast on Netflix around the world, centered on the role of the “mother” and captivated the viewers.

Alexandra, Maria, Sofia and Harris, all mothers, were the central characters in the season 2 premiere. It’s an episode that, as Christoforos Papakaliatis said in an interview, he wanted to do from a point of view.

“Everything starts from the mother, I wanted to do it from the point of view, that’s why I called her that and the narrator is the mother. It’s not just Sofia, but also Maria and Alexandra who is preparing to have a baby. “So for everyone, the mother is very important in this particular episode,” she said. said the creator of the maestro, Christoforos Papakaliatis, who was presented in the first episode of the second cycle.

In the first episode we saw Sofia trying to find a solution to support Orestes, after he killed Charalambous, and Alexandra for her part trying to manage what happened on the island, but mainly the arrival of a child with a man he does not know. I don’t want her, in a shocking scene in the psychiatrist’s office.

Maria and Harris do not know exactly what happened, although they see that everything around them is collapsing and that the balance has already changed or is about to change.

In fact, Maria Cavogianni’s performance was admired by X (Twitter) users since she was able to portray the fear, wonder and redemption that the character she plays felt, after the disappearance of Charalambous.

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Audience anticipation for Maestro’s return was reflected in the ratings, as the series finished comfortably at #1 in the ratings and Maestro became the #1 trend on social media.

A touching scene that few understood

One scene that stands out is the one in which Harris, played inimitably by Harris Alexiou, is seen listening to music in her home kitchen while baking cookies using medical cannabis and ignoring (still) what her grandson and daughter are going through. Ha.

“Just looking at me makes me melt. Just looking at me. Just looking at me makes me melt.” “Think of My Love” can be heard over headphones as she smiles and sings in one of the most unique scenes of the first season.

The reason this scene is so popular – for those who understand it – is that the song she hears in her headphones is “Kai ko ko me kortas liono”, by her beloved brother Giorgos Sarris, who passed away in 2017.

Christoforos Papakaliatis explained in the podcast that followed the episode that this scene with her brother’s song was decided by him with the singer and that it was something beautiful, direct and very human: “A guard in this round will surprise us Alexiou. She is a very great comedian, and she gives change.”