April 19, 2024

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Renewal – Lease: The platform will be opened during the month of April

Renewal – Lease: The platform will be opened during the month of April

In April, the application platform for the program will open “Restoration – Rent” DYPA at the same time as issuing the KYA which will indicate the terms and conditions of the program.

An important element of the program is that there is no age limit for expressing interest, while a specific period of up to 6 months will be provided during which the application will be submitted renewal of the property in order to give it for rent. If the property is not rented, fines such as a refund of the renewal amount will be charged.

The program gives an outlet for owners who do not have the funds to renovate their properties with the goal of bringing vacant homes to the rental market by supporting owners to develop them. The action will be joined virtually 12,500 vacant homes As long as the beneficial owners follow the necessary procedures.

Specifically, state support amounts to 40% of the costs that the owner will bear, for works and materials, while the maximum support is 10,000 euros (including materials and works).

A necessary condition is electronic payment of bills and rental of the property for at least three years. That is, the works and materials must be purchased with regular invoices, and then submitted electronically, to avoid incidents of tax evasion. If someone replenishes his property with black money and without proof, he will not be able to get support.

Homeowners who own or benefit from the property by 50% or more participate in the program.

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the conditions

The property to be renovated:

– Its area must not exceed 100 square meters. It must be located in a residential area.

Homeowners with an annual income of up to 40,000 euros and properties with an income of up to 300,000 euros participate in the program, while those who have joined energy saving programs or renovated any of their properties within the past five years are excluded.

– The accommodation must not have been advertised First stay Or rented, but listed as vacant on E2 for the past three years.

At the same time, after the owner renews, the property must be rented for three years, and the way to prove this is when he submits invoices for support, and he also submits the electronic rental contract, which proves that he has already found the person or people who will rent the house.

This is a first step, which will likely motivate some owners to repost it Real estate they. Meanwhile, another measure within the housing policy is the “coverage” programme, which concerns the state renting out private homes that participated in the “ESTIA” migrant housing program and making them available to vulnerable young people and new couples. .

Under the measure, property owners are invited to rent housing for three years to people between the ages of 25 and 39, who benefit from a guaranteed minimum income. The goal is to benefit in the first phase from at least 1,000 properties, which will house 2,500 beneficiaries between the ages of 25 and 39, benefiting from a guaranteed minimum income.

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