April 19, 2024

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“I couldn't even finish my sentence,” George Koutslioutsos said.

“I couldn't even finish my sentence,” George Koutslioutsos said.

“In Folli, I was not even able to finish my sentence,” Tzortzis Koutsolioutsos said, apologizing to the three-member Court of Criminal Appeal today, Wednesday (3.4.24), in the case of Folli Follie’s false balance sheets, adding that he did not see himself continuing to The future of the brand.

The son of the company's founders explained at the beginning of his apology that his father had the first and last say in the company.

“It bothers me not to be heard. I had ideas and wanted to present them. In 1997 the company was listed on the stock exchange. This highlighted what the company had achieved so far. In this context, and while everyone in Greece knew us, a proposal was made to privatize duty-free stores. customs fees”.

He then referred to the free markets on the board of directors of which he was a member. “I became a member of the board of directors and began to direct all my energy there. To be at the airport, you have to have a well-known brand. The travelers are international. This work that you have done and all this effort has put us in touch with big houses abroad,” explained the accused, who will continue His apology tomorrow.

Earlier, in the conclusion of his apology, Dimitris Koutsiloutsos said: “It bothers me that there has been a partnership with PcW all this time – and that is why the checks were not done properly – with the new management of the company and the tolerance of capital.” Market Committee. My mind all this time there. Why was everything sold for five years and the lying continues to this day?

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“I'm very upset…. Normally I have to be in an institution because of depression but I will fight it to get people back… That's what I wanted to say because it's in me.”