April 19, 2024

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Tourism for All 2024: Reverse the lottery

Tourism for All 2024: Reverse the lottery

After applying – and if you are drawn – recipients will receive a physical debit card (depending on the financial institution they have chosen), which will be used to cover hotel or lodging costs in the country.

Applicants will be notified of approval or rejection Free holidays from the end of April and just before Easter 2024, as with the extension, the lottery goes and this in turn 'para return'.

amounts – Tourism Voucher for All 2024 They range from 200 euros to 400 euros.

Tourism standards and conditions for all 2024

Citizens who meet the following income criteria will be able to apply for the program:

1. Individuals (unmarried natural persons or widows)

Without children 19,000 euros
With one child 20,500 euros
With two children 22,000 euros
With 3 children 24,000 euros
With more children 29,000 euros

2. Family (marriage and cohabitation parties)

Without children 31,000 euros
With one child 32,500 euros
With two children 34,000 euros
With 3 children 36,000 euros
With more children 41,000 euros

For the “Tourism for All 2024” program, potential beneficiaries are those who have filed a final personal income tax return by the tax return deadline for the 2022 tax year, who have been cleared by the application deadline and whose annual household income falls within the income criteria.

Step-by-step application to Tourism4all-2024 for free holidays

First, to submit your application, you must enter the special platform gov.gr (here)

immediately after:

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You fill in the contact information, in particular, email and mobile phone number, and then confirm them.
You acknowledge that you have not been selected as a beneficiary under another social tourism program or domestic tourism support program implemented during the same time period. These programs are explicitly mentioned on the platform.
You acknowledge that the amount of money deposited on the debit card will be used exclusively by the beneficiary himself to cover accommodation expenses for himself and his beneficiaries and cannot be transferred to a third party or withdrawn.
You fill in the data, declare the financial institution of your choice, from which the card will be issued, request the issuance of the non-physical digital debit card and deposit the relevant amount for the Tourism for All 2024 programme.