April 18, 2024

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Ring founder Jimmy Siminoff has resigned as CEO – Amazon

Ring founder Jimmy Siminoff has resigned as CEO – Amazon

Jimmy Siminoff, founder of Ring and inventor of the smart doorbell that started it all, Leaves as CEO of the company.

in one blog post From Ring, Jimmy Siminoff explained that his true passion is invention and that he would focus on creating new products for the company by taking on the role of lead inventor.

Apparently, the rest of the Ring cast has known since last June about the plans to move on and take on new roles. As of March 22, it was announced that Elisabeth Hamren, former COO of Discord, will take over the helm of Ring. The new CEO will also lead the Blink, Amazon Key, and Amazon Sidewalk divisions.

In a post on the company’s blog, Jimmy Siminoff writes about how he built it Ring’s first video doorbell in his garage and how the company he created then evolved into a company that offers products in a wide variety of categories, such as cameras, alarms or even security drones. In 2018, the company was acquired by Amazon in an effort to compete with and offload Nest, allowing Ring to expand its production and reach customers it previously did not have the ability or resources to do so.

But in recent years, Jimmy Siminoff has faced criticism and repercussions due to Ring’s close relationship with police and law enforcement. The company came under fire from lawmakers, senators and privacy advocates after it was revealed that it had close ties to and worked with more than 600 police forces in the USA.

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More specifically, it not only gave the police access to the video files of the various homeowners, but allowed them to keep the video files indefinitely as well as share them with whomever they wished. In 2021, Ring finally changed the way it handles video requests from law enforcement, requiring them to make their requests public within 12 hours of an incident if they want a copy of any surveillance video.

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