April 24, 2024

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Road tax countdown

Road tax countdown

There are only five days left to pay the toll fee, with the deadline ending on February 29.

payment process

Vehicle owners can pay tolls through AADE's myCar platform Three ways.

First they print the notice and then they can:

  • To visit the automated transaction machine and scan the Quick Response (QR) code for its notifications, by following the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • Enter their bank application (e-banking) and pay using the 23-digit RF code shown in the notification.
  • To visit a bank or ELTA branch and pay at the cash register by showing the notice.

The penalty for late payment is:

  • The fine is equivalent to the fee if the vehicle is a two-wheeler, three-wheeler IX or a passenger car
  • A fine equivalent to 50% of the fees if the vehicle is a DX passenger
  • There is no fine if the road tax is less than 30 euros.

The road tax paid by the owner of the vehicle in question is calculated according to the date of first registration of the vehicle and the distance traveled or CO2 emissions.


  • For vehicles registered for the first time before 10/31/2010, the road tax is calculated based on their engine displacement.
  • For vehicles registered for the first time from 1.11.2010 or later, road tax is calculated according to CO2 emissions.

Digital stillness

Vehicle owners who intend to park their car without paying the fees can do so again this year electronically, within the specified time limit for paying the traffic fees.

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Of course, they will not receive last year's “bonus”, as for two months, until February, when the extension expired, they had the possibility of trading “unnecessarily”.

In fact, in this way, nearly 130,000 car owners were driving their cars legally and then immobilized their cars. However, many of them took advantage of the possibility granted by the Ministry every year to charge monthly fees, and proceeded to remove immobility for some months of the year, with proportionate traffic fees.


However, those who choose not to move digitally this year must submit the relevant application, within the deadline, through the AADE “myCAR” platform by the end of the year. The steps to follow are as follows:

1. Log in to the app using your Taxisnet codes.

2. Select or enter the registration number of the vehicle you wish to digitally install

3. Enter the zip code for the area, street and number.

4. You are responsible for advertising your parking space, which must be owned, rented or allocated

5. Submit your application and if you are the sole owner, the system will give you an application number and notify you that the car has been digitally decommissioned. If there are co-owners, they will be notified of your request, and will need to approve it to complete the process.

Digital immobilization is permitted only for passenger cars and two-wheelers whose status is 'Moving' and for which the owner has their license and license plates.

The inability of the vehicle to move should be reported to the relevant operating unit in cases such as:

  • Theft or embezzlement of a vehicle.
  • Trade the car abroad.
  • Transporting an unfinished vehicle
  • Impoundment of the vehicle by the public authority along with its registration data.
  • Removal of vehicle registration data by a public entity
  • Delivery to Alternative Vehicle Management Facilities in Greece (EDOE) for the purpose of final deletion by recycling
  • Complete destruction of the vehicle due to fire or any other reason.
  • Vehicle auction
  • Removing the owner or possessor from the vehicle, as in the case of its collection by the municipality as abandoned.
  • In any other case where the owner or owner of the vehicle is not in possession of the vehicle or its traffic information (license and plates).
  • In the event of the death of the vehicle owner, a declaration of immobility is made by his heirs (provided that a license has not yet been issued in their name) to the DOU of the deceased.
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Fines for “inactivity”

However, those who drive after the immobilization declaration will be required to pay a fine of 10,000 euros, which increases to 30,000 euros in case of repetition, while at the same time the driving license of the owner or holder of the vehicle will be canceled for a period of three years.

The immobilization remains in effect until the vehicle is “moved” again by submitting an application to lift the immobilization, which is also done electronically through the relevant platform as long as the road tax for the year of removal has been paid and there is an active insurance policy.