May 21, 2024

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“Cannon” of a well-known company – thousands of unemployed people –

“Cannon” of a well-known company – thousands of unemployed people –

The Body Shop announced on Wednesday a plan to restructure its operations at its headquarters in Great Britain which – as stated in the related company announcement – does not affect the countries in which its stores operate as franchises.

This means that shops in Greece are not “at risk” – at least for now.

The measures announced so far are:

While stores remain an integral part of the future strategy, officials have concluded that the current number of stores in the UK requires the right ratio.

As an immediate step, seven stores closed their doors yesterday (Tuesday, February 20), and more stores will follow. It is expected that once the restructuring is complete, approximately half of UK stores will close. There are currently 198 operational stores.

Following the sale of the company's business in Central Europe and parts of Asia, The Body Shop will also restructure staff and roles at its UK headquarters.

The number of employees at the headquarters is expected to decrease by approximately 40%, meaning approximately 400 full-time employees will gradually remain.

The company's major global franchise partners – such as Greece and a number of other countries – which operate under franchise cooperation, are not affected by these developments because they operate as independent companies.

These therapeutic moves at the company's UK headquarters will help revitalize the iconic brand at its core and aspire to become a modern and dynamic beauty company capable of competing with beauty brands around the world.

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