December 3, 2023

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The discovery of a rare multi-billion euro energy treasure – how it changes the data

The discovery of a rare multi-billion euro energy treasure – how it changes the data

The value of a coal mine in the United States has increased after the discovery of rare earths with a wide range of applications.

It has been 2011when randal atkins, A former Wall Street banker bought a coal mine outside Sheridan, Wyoming, for Coal sale In energy production units.

However, in cooperation with the US Department of Energy and geologists, Atkin Ramaco ResourcesI found that in addition to the coal, the ground “hid” another one The most valuable energy “treasure”.

This was followed by her announcement Ramako Which stated that the mine contains one of The largest unconventional rare earth deposit (REE) in the United States, with its value rising to 37 billion dollarsthat is, much more than that About 2 million. For which Atkins bought the mine, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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As Ramaco noted, the goal was to begin extracting rare earths within this year. the Neodymiumthe Praseodymium And uncomfortable These are just a few of the rare earth elements discovered in the mine.

It is noted that rare earth elements got this name because they form Set of only 17 medals Which they are Extremely rare They are found in a few places around the planet.

Because of their composition, they have High resistance to high temperatures Which led to existence Wide range of applicationsFrom smartphones and tablets to their batteries Electric cars And defensive missile systems.

Rare earth deposits

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The Atkins rare earth stock is good news for the United States, which wants it Become independent from China They imported – in the period 2018-2021 – 74% of its rare earths.

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A dispute broke out between the two countries Energy warWith China restricting exports French And German Which is used in the semiconductor industry, which in turn is essential for the automobile industry.

In order to exploit this rare earthly treasure, Atkins admits It will take time To extract, process and refine it.

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