July 23, 2024

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Rumour: EVGA is pulling out of the PC market entirely

Rumour: EVGA is pulling out of the PC market entirely

In September last year, her announcement came like a bolt of lightning EVGA How will it pull out of the graphics card market, given that its implementations for Nvidia GPUs have been among the most popular on the market.

Now, a new “bombshell” from the company has been circulating on the Internet in the past few hours. In particular, it seems that the well-known PC manufacturer will leave the industry in general. It all started from a Korean forum, where information was posted by a well-known overclocking team known as SAFEDISK that the company’s entire team in Taiwan had quit, including the legendary overclocker KINGPIN (Vince Lucido).

When the information started making the rounds online, EVGA was quick to clarify the situation, saying in the middle TechPowerUp That this is not the case:

We have seen these messages and they are rumours. Our offices in Taiwan are still operational and the Kingpin is still at EVGA. EVGA is still in business and supporting its customers. Thank you for contacting us.

In the end, however, the media the edge Indicates that the situation is more complicated. According to Steve from GamersNexus who spoke to the media, the EVGA BIOS team didn’t have any new projects a couple of weeks ago, so various members from other companies have been hired. At the same time, Kingpin also accepts offers from other companies, while EVGA is generally looking for someone to acquire its various divisions.

As it seems, then, the company may not completely withdraw from the PC market just yet, but it’s possible we’re seeing the final days of EVGA as we once knew it.

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For the record, in addition to their graphics cards that were discontinued before the advent of Nvidia’s RTX 4000, EVGA is also widely known for its power supplies and motherboards, and even makes cooling systems and cases, as well as peripherals, like keyboards and mice.

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