May 28, 2024

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Russian armed forces arrange ceasefire to evacuate Ukrainian civilians

Photo: BelTA / Sputnik

Representatives of Russia and Ukraine are holding a second round of talks this Thursday, just days after the start of Moscow’s military operation in the Belarusian region. Komal Gave the first contact on Monday, which lasted five hours.

The talks are taking place in the Belovesha forest on the border with Belarus and Poland.

Shortly before the meeting began, Mikhail Podolak, adviser to the head of the Ukrainian presidency, said the main issues on the agenda were an immediate ceasefire, a ceasefire and the opening of humanitarian corridors to civilians in the cities. .

This Tuesday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba He said Kiev said it was ready to talk and wanted to end the conflict through diplomatic channels, but warned that if Russia issued final warnings during the talks, Ukrainian delegates would step down from the negotiating table. “We will look for a solution, but We will not comply with Russian final warnings“, He pointed out.

For his part, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Medinsky, adviser to the president, who heads the Russian delegation. President Putin was informed The result of the first match. However, the spokesman pointed out that it was still too early to give an estimate of the progress of the conversation. He also noted that at this time a phone call between Putin and Zhelensky was not planned.

A few hours before Thursday’s meeting, Medinsky pointed out that Russia’s proposals cover three areas: politics, humanitarianism, and military-technology.