July 18, 2024

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Countries that support Russia in the war with Ukraine

Countries that support Russia in the war with Ukraine

The United Nations strongly condemns the war in Ukraine. Of the 193 member states of the United Nations, 141 voted in favor of condemning the invasion and five against: Russia, Belarus, Syria, North Korea and Eritrea, Allies.

Non-binding resolution, more is required Withdrawal of forces Russian In Ukraine and I urge you to resolve the conflict Quiet.

China, but at least 35 countries did not vote, including Iran, India or South Africa, Cuba, Bolivia, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Moreover, some countries, such as Venezuela, did not participate in the referendum because they were indebted to the UN and suspended the right to vote because of non-payment.

Russia, isolated

Russia loses support and the crowd points out International Isolation In the middle of an armed conflict. “We have shown that Russia is isolated and isolated, and that spending will continue to rise until Russia regrets it,” said Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the UN.

EU Representative Olof Skook spoke about Russia’s “loneliness”: “The Russian government is increasingly isolated.”

Maduro’s message to the Spanish press

Nicolas Maduro attacks Spanish newspapers for reporting on the war between Russia and Ukraine Describes “vomiting” and “disgusting.” How “Spanish television and newspapers” conduct the conflict in Ukraine: “Kneeling and being dragged into the interests of the United States”.

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