July 23, 2024

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Sakis Katsoulis proposed to Marialina Romiliotis

Celebrities won his award tonight Survivor All-Star And they went to Punta Cana to experience moments of endless fun.

Where they dined high in the sky and spilled wine in abundance, ya Sakis Katsoulis He decided… to practice proposing marriage to his girlfriend Marialina Romeliotis. The Survivor player has vowed that he will perform regularly upon his return to Greece.

“Let’s rehearse this and when we come back to Greece, we’ll do normal work too,” Sakis Katsoulis told her, and “I got a fast heart rate” replied Marialina Romiliotis.

As it was then when they were all together in the island council, Giorgos Lianos could not help but comment on the romantic movement of Sakis Katsoulis.

“It was a moment of embarrassment,” said the player, as he thought he had… eaten some porridge from his partner and added, “I made a rehearsal for the proposal. We have been together for four and a half years, and as we are 45 meters away and I cannot eat, I was scared and in My thoughts start to speak. I tell her we lived at the time, we are in the second survivor, let’s go out and have a baby and Konstantinos says “Ring please”. Finally, her clever making out of aluminum foil. It wasn’t that suggestion, because I know Marielena is asking. I told her To conduct a rehearsal and when we come out with good … “.

Marialina Romiliotis listened to Sakis Katsoulis with great embarrassment! “do not expect!” commented the red team player.

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