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Salamis Massacre: 71-year-old Convict’s Cynical Confession – The Assassination Plot He Conceived

Salamis Massacre: 71-year-old Convict’s Cynical Confession – The Assassination Plot He Conceived

The mystery of the 43-year-old’s murder in Salamina ended with the 71-year-old’s confession to homicide police on Tuesday night.

The woman, a mother of a minor child, tragically died early Tuesday morning at her mother’s home where she was literally hiding as her partner had been showing his wild intentions for a long time.

“She was with someone else and I got mad and decided to kill her”

The 71-year-old pleaded guilty to the crime of “romantic jealousy” when he allegedly executed her in cold blood with a hunting rifle.

He was found and arrested in Keratsini last night at 7 o’clock. The perpetrator was found, stopped the victim’s car, in which he escaped, next to him was a carbine, and he shot and killed the 43-year-old. He was taken to the Pires police station for questioning, where he confessed to the crime and a case was registered against him.


Today, the 71-year-old is expected to be brought before Prayez’s lawyer, who will charge him with murder and then ask the investigator for a deadline to prepare his report.

“She was with someone else and I got mad and decided to kill her,” the 71-year-old allegedly told police cynically.

According to reports, the man appeared particularly cynical during the preliminary hearing and showed no remorse for the crime.

The 71-year-old considered the unfortunate mother as his “property” and could not “digest” her asking for a divorce, while the lady found the strength to reprimand him.

As he confessed, he bought the carbine that had killed his accomplice a few days earlier, along with the bullets, from a stranger on the island.

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Domestic violence complaint

On December 2, the 43-year-old filed a domestic violence, abuse and fraud complaint against the 71-year-old to authorities.

As she reported to the police, on the night of December 1, specifically around 10:40 p.m., the man beat, threatened and cursed her at the house where she lived with her 15-year-old son.

He beat her and her 15-year-old child

According to reports, she had said in her complaint that her partner beat her and her 15-year-old child. He made death threats, took the cell phone and the car and drove away.

“After the tree, he took her car and mobile phone, maybe he wanted it to call for help, then he came back and I heard the girl screaming. That’s where she must have broken her leg,” said the neighbor.

At that time, the police informed her about the “panic button” application and installed it on her mobile phone, however, on Tuesday morning, the woman did not have time to use it.

“The woman had the application on her mobile phone and received clear instructions from the police to report or activate the panic button if she was seen near the area,” a police spokesperson said.

He had set her up

The woman was murdered early yesterday morning on Iontos Street in Salamis. Neighbors heard a noise from the particular house around 7 am. Almost at the same time as the voices, they heard two gunshots and immediately informed the police.

The accused took her by surprise and fired 2 shots, probably through the small glass of the door of her father’s house, which was found broken.

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The unfortunate girl was found dead by her mother early in the morning.

A neighbor told ERT of the tragic scene that unfolded: “At 8 o’clock, ‘my baby, my baby’ and I run like a man, she is a neighbor, I run to help, unfortunately we see the girl in front of the door, dead.” Blood was not visible because he was hit in the abdomen and his back was covered with a sheet. He already had the courage to hide her.

As everything shows, the perpetrator knew the victim’s morning routine and her time alone at home.

As far as the accused was concerned, after the murder, he took a boat to Perama and from there to Keratsini.

He said he stayed at a cafe he frequented for a few hours and when he learned that the 43-year-old man had been murdered, he realized he would be a suspect, leaving behind the mobile phone he had taken from his partner. , charge.

The police searched for him in a wide area and eventually arrested him.