February 5, 2023

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According to Cuba, the summit in the United States will ignore regional health deficiencies

Cuba Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has ruled that the next US summit in the United States on Saturday will address health issues affecting the majority of the population on the continent.

The head of foreign ministry promised through his Twitter account that the meeting scheduled for June in Los Angeles would not address the shortage of services there. The consciousness of millions of people in the hemisphere, the shortage of medicines or the weakness of public health systems.

Rodriguez recently condemned the island’s exclusion from preparations for the US summit and negotiated a document on health that ignores the Latin American reality.

The Secretary of State described the talks on the recession plan for the United States as neoliberal and opaque with many shortcomings.

According to the headline, these talks are being held in a dark way, with the exception of Cuba and other member states of the Pan American Health Organization.

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Useful visit of Lopez Obrador to Cuba

In a statement to reporters, he said such talks avoid substantial cooperation and basic funding to deal with after the Govt-19.

Experts estimate that the US exclusive summit threatens to derail and will eliminate the best opportunity for the US to adopt a comprehensive policy for the Western Hemisphere.

Regional governments have not shown their agreement on Washington’s decision to exclude Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from preparations for the meeting.

Source: PL.

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