September 22, 2023

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Samsung Galaxy S23 rumored to offer satellite connectivity – Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S23 rumored to offer satellite connectivity – Samsung

Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S23 is due out in February 2023, which means it’s only two months away.

The latest information indicates that the Galaxy S23 series may be equipped with a satellite connection similar to what its users are using iPhone 14 At this time in the United States. This feature will allow the Galaxy S23 to transfer data such as SMS and small pictures even when there is no internet connection.

The South Korean company will work with Iridium, which will help power the operation with 66 low-orbit communications satellites. Korea-based ETNews reports that the development of such a feature has not come without hurdles. The biggest technical challenge was installing an antenna attached to a smartphone large enough to enable satellite communication.

Samsung seems to be trying to outdo Apple with this addition, which in turn is partnering with Globalstar. The iPhone 14 series allows users to send messages to emergency services via satellite when there is no cellular coverage and Wi-Fi. Samsung wants to take the feature to the next level by allowing users to send small photos as well, presumably for non-emergency situations.

Usually, Huawei is the one to start with Mate 50 series The ability to connect a smartphone to satellites, a day before the iPhone 14 was announced. With these three companies introducing this feature, we may see more OEMs adopting it in the future.

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is rumored to adopt Qualcomm’s latest generation 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, according to @RGCloudS Twitter account. It is unclear what advantages the third-generation sensor will offer over the second-generation sensor used in the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Ultra, although the most likely scenario is the most likely along with fast recognition.

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Other rumored features of the Galaxy S23 series include significant improvements in night shooting and certification Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC Qualcomm, as well as slightly larger batteries.