April 13, 2024

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Samsung Galaxy S24 may have new screen issues – Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S24 may have new screen issues – Samsung

There are already reports from early S24 owners talking about a grainy image

Despite being described as a relatively unremarkable new model compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S23, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is already charting a course that is expected to rank among the best Android devices to be released this year. However, the new version of Samsung's flagship phone is not perfect. Many early owners of the new device complain about the dull colors of the screen. According to reports, Samsung is already working on a brightness adjustment feature to solve this problem. But this doesn't seem to be the only problem facing Samsung's 2024 flagship. From the looks of it, the ultra-bright display used in the S24 series models He faces various problems.

Many monitors seem to display a grainy texture, which is especially apparent on dark and gray backgrounds. There are several such reports on Reddit, and a poll with over 350 entries shows that most Galaxy S24 and S24+ owners have identified this issue. In fact, one Reddit user put the S24 Ultra under a 400x microscope and found that the brightness intensity at the 10% sub-pixel level is not uniform. Uniformity improves by 30%, while when brightness reaches 50% the problem almost disappears.

From what it looks like so far, this is a hardware issue. Many buyers have been able to secure a replacement device that does not suffer from this issue. Some were refused a replacement, forcing them to escalate their objection in order to obtain a replacement device.

Granted, the grainy screen issue on the S24 may not be visible unless you're looking hard. On the other hand, since the price of the Ultra is around €1,300, one would expect to buy a device devoid of such issues.

Meanwhile, apart from the grainy image issue, some Galaxy S24 users have reported seeing three horizontal bars appear on their screen when the brightness setting is low. Unlike the grainy image issue, this issue seems to affect a limited number of devices. Some users have also reported that they experience very sharp boundaries between different color ranges. It is not clear whether these issues are related to the device's hardware or software, although some users claim that it is a software issue and should be resolved soon.

Mobile phones using OLED displays have improved greatly in recent years, but they often suffer from uniformity at low brightness levels. This, of course, won't be enough to ruin the device in the consumer's mind, especially since the screen on the S24 includes some major improvements.

In addition to recording a maximum brightness of 2,600 nits, Samsung's 2024 flagship uses a display with a higher PWM (pulse width modulation) refresh rate of 492Hz. Essentially, this is more than double the refresh rate of the S23, and will understandably help users who are sensitive to PWM-induced flicker. In the S24 Ultra, Samsung uses Corning's Gorilla Armor, a special glass that dramatically reduces reflections.

So far there is no official comment from Samsung about the issues reported with the S24 series displays.

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