May 21, 2024

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This game is not what you think! Watch the video that sent the Internet crazy

This game is not what you think!  Watch the video that sent the Internet crazy

Known KingMakersa game that absolutely nails it diffuse In the past few days, after her trailer defied everyone's expectations.

In particular, the video begins by presenting a medieval experience that promises large-scale battles and is reminiscent of many well-known strategy games. But everything changes in 24 seconds, when the player character appears out of nowhere driving a car onto the battlefield, leveling the knights and the rest of the fighting soldiers. From there, the show gets crazier, as the player uses modern firearms, and even helicopters, to change the flow of each battle.

Yes, the concept is very simple and at the same time very exciting: KingMakers sends players into medieval battles, but with modern equipment, to conquer the past and save the future!

Official Steam description notes:

Step back in time to the war-torn medieval era with a huge arsenal of modern weapons. Change the course of history and save the future in this epic action and strategy game. Build your kingdom, pick up a weapon, and command an army of thousands in massive real-time simulated battles – solo or in co-op.

Kingmakers is expected to be released During 2024 Exclusively for PC via steamby Redemption Road Games.

You can watch the trailer in question, which has over 17 million views on X and a half million on YouTube, through the player below.

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