October 4, 2023

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review – the pinnacle of Android tablets – review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review – the pinnacle of Android tablets – review

Samsung has decided to renew its range of tablets by introducing the Galaxy Tab S9 series.

The year and a half between it and its predecessor (the Galaxy Tab S8 was released in early 2022) may seem like a century to some, especially in an era when technology is developing by leaps and bounds, but Samsung made sure to compensate us with the above, after making substantial and not minor improvements to the its new generation of devices. Among the Galaxy Tab S9, S9+, and S9 Ultra, the first device we tested seems to be more useful, and we’ll analyze the reasons right away.

When taking a look at the Galaxy Tab S9, one will see an amalgamation between the Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy S23. The Korean company has stepped up to the premium design of its previous generation of tablets (which, here we are talking, had no problem) improving it in places, with clear Galaxy S23 influences. Looking back for example, you’ll find that the two cameras have become one with its now prominent lens just like on the Samsung smartphone range. The S Pen’s distinctive indentation is still there, and in fact, the stylus now charges no matter how someone positions it. On the front, the screen protrudes and the camera is framed without sticking out – for example. on the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

Moving on to the technical characteristics of the device, we find at its heart the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 which is in fact the same slightly overclocked version that was used in the Galaxy S23. Compared to its predecessor that featured Qualcomm’s previous best-in-class offering, you should expect 34% better performance on the processor level and 41% more on the GPU side, an increase that also shows just how good Qualcomm’s offerings are this year.

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