February 26, 2024

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Samsung's AI Robotic Vacuum/Mop at CES – Samsung

Samsung's AI Robotic Vacuum/Mop at CES – Samsung

Robotic vacuum cleaners are nothing new anymore. Not even those that have a disinfection function.

However, with manufacturers focusing more on AI than ever this year, Samsung has found a way to innovate with the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo.

It is a robot vacuum/mop with enhanced AI capabilities, making its operation more automated and autonomous, and requiring less user involvement. It includes AI Object Recongition technology that, in combination with the 3D sensor, allows it to recognize more obstacles in order to move more precisely, as well as stains, so that it cleans more effectively (other requirements, for example, stains in the kitchen and others in the living room ).

Once the stain is detected, it returns to its base, heats the mop and soaks it with steam and hot water. Then you pick up where you left off to effectively clean your floor: the cloth rotates at a rate of 170 revolutions per minute, so it has the power to remove even the toughest stains. Thanks to the AI ​​Floor Detect system, the vacuum recognizes the floor type (e.g. distinguishing between floors/tiles and carpets/rugs) in order to adjust its power accordingly.

The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo comes with a charging station that contains, among other things, a box to deposit what the vacuum has collected (to empty it whenever possible), a three-step cleaning system for the mop cloth (washing, cleaning and steam drying) and an automatic refill of the water tank. It is worth noting that the vacuum cleaner is still under development, as Samsung confirmed that there is a possibility of change in some of its features and capabilities. It is still unknown when it will be commercially available and at what price.

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