May 22, 2024

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Satirical sketches of European countries: Italy is like a shoe – Greece?

Satirical sketches of European countries: Italy is like a shoe – Greece?

There are many who dream of a different world. But how feasible is such a thing? The answer each of us gives to this question is probably disappointing.

However, it's not bad to dream. After all, dreams are what make us happy.

German cartoonist and YouTuber Jacquier is definitely one of those dreamers who has proven, as you will see, that they have a great imagination.

What do the outlines of Greece look like?

Europe is different…

Jacquebert imagined countries differently. And we explain…

We all know the “shoe” that is Italy, but what about other European countries? What do the outlines of Greece look like, for example?

Jacquier redefines European countries using his imagination and turns a small drop into a duck.

Check out some really good illustrations of what the outlines of European countries look like.

Italy looks like a shoe

Greece looks like an old man – perhaps a wizard – wearing a pointed hat

Cyprus looks like a flying mouse

Bulgaria as a kitten

Slovenia is like a chicken

Romania is like a small fish

Ukraine looks like a donkey

Belarus looks like a duck

Latvia looks like a crow

Croatia as… a dragon

Finland is like a whale

Denmark looks like a weirdo Batman who eats fish given to him by a little monster

Azerbaijan looks like a dove

Maybe Armenia looks like a shark

Andorra resembles a devilish face

Belgium is like a monk praying

Germany reminds us of… a troll show

Great Britain looks like… a big lizard

Hungary looks like a small whale

Ireland looks like a koala

Spain looks like a human hand


The Vatican resembles an animal's snout

Sweden looks like salami

Norway looks like a sperm cell

Holland looks like a goat mask

Moldova is like a ghost

North Macedonia is like a mouse and a fish

Sudia looks like slime

Russia is like an animal defecating

Estonia looks like a wolf

Slovakia is like a sandwich

Serbia looks like a dinosaur

San Marino looks like a dancing mouse

Portugal looks like a worm

Poland is like a lion

Montenegro looks like a dinosaur

Monaco looks like an elephant